How To Level Up In Demon’s Souls?

Demon’s Souls is a hit game made by From Software and then remade by Bluepoint Games in a good way. Bluepoint point games made an exact copy of the original Demon’s Souls game. Many people would play the new version, both die-hard Dark Soul fans and new players who want to join the Dark Souls hype train.

Defeat The First Principal Boss in in Demon’s Souls

As was already said, you have to beat Phalanx, the game’s first main boss. You can’t move forward until you beat the fiend. You can’t miss him, and you can find him as soon as you open the big gate at the beginning of the game to start the Boletarian Palace level. No, The Vanguard is not a tutorial boss that helps new players learn how to control the game. 

Now, Phalanx isn’t a hard boss, but I can see how new players might have trouble beating him. Since there is no map, it is possible to get lost, and what was fun can quickly turn into a hassle. If you are having trouble finding Phalanx, follow the directions below.

● Take the left path when you start and head toward the castle.

● Stay on the left path and look for a big hole in the ground. Then keep going to the left until you see stairs.

● Go up the stairs and through the door. Keep going the right way.

● Keep going, and when you get outside and walk around the castle walls, you’ll see a fog gate that’s hard to miss.

● Go through the fog gate and keep going straight.

● You’ll see more stairs that lead up.

● Keep walking and look for something made of wood.

● Attack the wood holding the boulders inside this thing made of wood.

● The boulders will kill any enemies in their way, making things easier for you.

● Continue walking until you get to a bridge.

● Keep an eye out for a Red Dragon. To avoid getting hurt by the creature, you will have to use your skills and time your run (stand for a while to read his pattern). DO NOT STOP!

● After you get to the other side of the bridge, keep going until you get back inside.

● Look for a handle inside the door. Move the handle.

● There will be a cutscene that shows a huge gate opening.

● Now go down a different set of stairs and keep going.

● Then, pull the lever at the bottom when you get to the ground.

● This will provide you with an easy method to bring back to where you started.

● Cross the gate of fog and beat the boss.

How To Easily Beat Phalanx in in Demon’s Souls

You might have trouble getting along with your boss, but it’s not that hard.

● Get some firebombs and throw them at him to kill the small slime blobs with shields and hit the boss’s core.

● If you run out of firebombs, use pine resin to strengthen your weapon and kill the small blobs first. Phalanx is slow and fast, so take your time killing the annoying bugs.

● After killing all the blobs, you have to destroy the boss’s core.

Demon’s Souls: How to Get Leveled Up Fast

In Demon’s Souls Even though Souls games are hard, they are not unfair. When you level up your character often, the game gets easier and less hard to play. To level up, you need Souls, and farming and grinding are the best ways to get Souls. Souls grinding is fun, and I’ll tell you where you can get the most Souls in the early, middle, and late games. Without further ado, you can look at them down below.

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Best Souls farming spots for early game

● From the Tower Knight Archstone, the Inner Ward is the first place to grind early in the game. After you teleport, go back to where you started.

● Run toward the entrance to The Lord’s Path, where you met several enemies at the beginning of the game.

● Slowly walk up to the blue-eyed knights standing right around the waggon and stab them in the back.

● When you’re done with them, kill the three crossbow enemies still alive. Run back, and keep doing this until it’s hard to get to the next level.

Best Souls Farming Spots for Mid Game

Around The Ritual Path, Shrine of Storms is the best place to farm Souls for the middle game. In Demon’s SoulsYou can get there from the World 4 Adjudicator Archstone.

● Take a bow and as various rows as you can. If your build is Magic, you can also use Magic.

● After the teleport, go down the stairs, and you’ll see a square opening on your back.

● Go inside, keep going, run past the NPC, and the Grim Reaper will be there.

● Keep your distance as you snipe him down and kill him.

● After you kill him, go back to Archstone and choose The Ritual Path. The reaper will then reappear.

● Keep doing this until you can’t get any more souls for any level.

Best Souls Farming Spots for End Game

After beating the King of Storms at The Monolith Forest, Shrine of Storms, the best place to farm for the end game is at the end of World 4 in Demon’s Souls.

● Walk back into the Archstone and kill the monsters in the air that look like flying Eagle Rays.

● The Stormruler can be used to kill the enemies.

● You can also use a bow and arrows, but that is risky.

● If you are having trouble killing creatures with the Stormruler, get behind the walls and shoot projectiles from the walls.

● The walls will keep you safe from enemy attacks while you shoot your projectiles right at their faces if you do this.

● Be aware of the Stormruler’s range, which is the last thing to remember. After a few runs, you should be able to bank Souls.

Last Words:

Demon’s Souls is, without a doubt, a hard game. I wouldn’t be surprised to see searches in your Google history like “how to level up in Demon’s Souls” or “how to level up in Demon’s Souls.” But trust me, it’s just as rewarding to beat your fears and enemies with hard work and a calm mind during the game.

You’ll want to do it in other single-player games, but you’ll often be let down. I hope that people who are about to quit  Demon’s Souls will give it another chance and that this article will help people who are stuck on how to level up in the game. I would be very happy if it did happen. I want every gamer to be able to play this amazing game.

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