How to get started with streaming


Streaming has recently become one of the most popular forms of social media. While it can be profitable, it is also a social way to play, as you create an internal community of followers who talk to you while you play. Streaming gives you the opportunity to share your gaming experiences with the rest of the world.

Streaming online isn’t just limited to video games either. You can share your everyday experiences, look at memes with your followers and much more. Perhaps you would like to share your online casino experiences? There are many betting sites where you can find the games you like best.

Choose the most popular games

To become a successful streamer, you need to play the most popular games. Ideally, the games should also be something with a focus on competition and e-sports. Good alternatives include Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Heartstone and many other competitive games.

Cryptocurrencies have also increased in popularity and game developers use crypto rewards in the form of NFTs. It can often be sold on the crypto market and the user of the game can earn money when they invest in the game. Look for games with P2E models or try Gods Unchained for a solid NFT based card game experience.


Remember to have the right equipment

You can of course try streaming with either your phone or your laptop. But the best thing for streaming is to use a desktop PC with a good processor and a dedicated graphics card. At the same time, you must ensure that you have a fast and good internet connection in order to be able to stream your followers without delays and with high quality.

Many also choose to stream with a camera and microphone. To be able to participate more interactively with your followers, you should have a camera, as most people like to be able to see the reactions and facial expressions of the streamer. Also talk to your followers at the same time with a microphone. Make sure you have a good quality sound card and a microphone that fits your room.

Why start with streaming?

If you like playing games, it can be both fun and social to start with streaming. You create your own personal community and at the same time have the opportunity to perhaps earn money. Streaming has truly become one of the more modern ways to build a career.

If you make sure you have the right equipment and at the same time follow trends and choose the games people want to watch, there is no doubt that you have the opportunity to build your own community and become a successful streamer.


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