How to download and play the Stumble Guys public beta


Stumble Guys is a multiplayer game developed by Finnish developer, Kitka Games. The game is a clone of the PC game Fall Guys which was released globally in 2021. Stumble Guys was released a few months back and was downloaded millions of times. The game allows 32 players in an online match where they race against each other to reach the finishing line. The developers of Stumble Guys have now released a public beta on Android which players can download from Google Play in selected regions.

The public beta is not available worldwide yet and the developers have not released a comprehensive rollout plan. This means the Stumble Guys beta release will vary from region to region.

Stumble Guys feature colorful aesthetics and a fun-to-play battle royale environment

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Stumble Guys is similar to Fall Guys in terms of gameplay. In Stumble Guys 32 players join in a match where they have to run, dash and slide past opponents to finish a race. They will have to dodge incoming obstacles and be the first to reach the finishing line. The game is a knockout battle royale game with colorful aesthetics and fun to play environment.

Step by Step guide to download and play Stumble Guys public beta in any country

How to download Stumble Guys on Android (APK)

  • Players will have to go to Google Play Store to download the Beta. 
  • After opening the Google Play Store, search for Stumble Guys. 
  • Once you scroll down to the bottom, you will find a join option. Click on it.
  • A prompt screen will appear asking you to confirm your choice. It also mentions that certain features are in development so the Beta version might be unstable.
  • Click on the Join option to join the beta version and then install the game.
Stumble Guys public beta download
Image via Kitka Games

The beta will roll out to different locations at different times, and we do not know the order of that. Keep in mind that the beta and live accounts are separate. Players can retain old game progress but remember to link your account to Google or Facebook account before joining Beta. 

Data is not transferable between the live and Beta versions. And the purchases made in Beta can’t be transferred to the live version. The whole process of joining and leaving Beta might take a few minutes or a while. Google handles this process entirely and nothing can be done to speed up the process. The Beta includes a lot of new features like a new Pass, new Skins, new Animations, and new Taunts.

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