How To Complete The Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Season 1 Challenges


Season 1 Challenges are a new way to unlock lots of XP in the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass. This guide will walk you through all the challenges in Season 1.

Besides playing with their friends, users get experience by completing different challenges. Some of them are daily, others weekly, but some quests are seasonal. Hence, they will change with every new season.

Every season in Overwatch 2 will last for 60+ days (roughly 9 weeks), so you have a lot of time to complete them. Every task is different and will require you to go through specific steps. We know that many of you want to learn how to complete the Overwatch 2 Seasonal Battle Pass Challenges, so let’s learn more about them.

Seaason 1 Challenges

Most people who want to learn more about the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass focus on the daily and weekly challenges. Even though they are essential, this Seasonal Battle Pass Challenges guide will show you that they are also worth it.

Aside from the things you must do, those tasks are slightly different because they will give you fewer Battle Pass points. Speaking of the devil, be sure to check our Overwatch 2 Hero Tier List to see which are the best options to complete the different challenges.

Overwatch 2

Season 1 Challenges – What they are & How To Complete them

There are plenty of seasonal challenges in Ovewarwatch 2, so without further ado, here is how to complete them.

Grand Prix Champion

To fulfill this task, you have to win 3 games in Circuit Royal. This isn’t as hard as you think, and you should be able to complete it with several heroes.

Veni, Vidi, Vici

Colosseo is one of the new maps in Overwatch 2, so it shouldn’t be surprising that there is a challenge for it. You must win three games on this map to get 1000 XP for your Overwatch Battle Pass.

Hoping for victory

Similar to Colosseo, Esperanca is also one of the new maps in Overwatch 2. Hence, people who win 3 games on it will unlock this seasonal challenge and get 1000 XP.

Staying on Track

Do you like Midtown? If so, try to stay in or in front of the train near the capture point and get 5 eliminations. This will give you access to 500 XP.

High Roller

If betting on Overwatch is your thing, the High Roller Seasonal Challenge will interest you. To complete it, you need to get 5 eliminations from the balcony of Maison Borisa on Circuit Royal.

Te Salutant

Speaking of 5 eliminations, if you secure them while listening to the cheers of the masses in Colosseo, you will get 500 XP.

Big Apple Aspirations

You must win 3 games in Midtown to complete this task and earn 500 Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Experience.

Concrete Jungle Playground

While we are on the topic of Midtown, you can complete this challenge by securing 5 eliminations from above the Midtown Tunnel.

Welcome to the 6IX

You must win 3 games in New Queen Street to complete this task and earn 1000 XP for the Battle Pass.

Cidade Maravilhosa

If you win 3 games in Paradiso, you will complete this challenge and get 1000 XP

Literal Wall Hacks

This exciting challenge will require you to heal an ally after using Swift Step through a wall. You have to do this 5 times while playing with Kiriko.

Javelin Mastery

If you like Orisa and manage to pin 5 enemies into a wall with your Energy Javelin, you will get 500 EXP.


This challenge requires you to complete 5 eliminations from Hotel Montebianco or the Memoria Library on New Queen Street.

Hometown Advantage

If you get 5 eliminations from the neighborhood rooftops in Paraiso, you will earn 500 EXP.

Ancestral Empowerment

Once you decide to play with Kiriko and get 5 eliminations while using her ult, you will get 500 XP.

One-Two Punch

This challenge is complicated because you have to use your Rocket Punch on an enemy after leaping into them with Seismic Slam in 5 games as Doomfist.

Triggered Disclipline

This challenge requires you to eliminate Doomfist within 5 seconds after his Power Block.

System-Wide Malfunction

This task will require you to mitigate 1,000 damage output by Bastion.

No, No, No! Yes, Yes, Yes!

If you like Reinhardt and use his charge to get an environmental kill without falling to your own death, you will get 500 XP.

In For a Shock

You have to deal 1000 damage with your secondary fire as Winston.


To get 500 XP, you must break a barrier 5 times while in Configuration: Assault while playing Bastion.

Horseshoes, Hand Grenades, And Ultimates

To complete this challenge, you must eliminate 3 enemies damaged by Bastion’s ult.

Hook, Line, and Sinker

To complete this task, you have to Hook an enemy while using your ultimate as Roadhog.


You can earn 500 XP if you secure 5 eliminations on heroes that are hacked by Sombra.

Wombo Combo

Choosing this Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Challenge will require you to eliminate 3 enemies with your Shield Bash and Whip Flail as Brigitte.

Never Skip Leg Day

If you like Zenyatta and want to use the hero’s boosted melee damage in Overwatch 2, this challenge is just for you. To complete it, you must get an environmental kill with your Snap Kick.

Season 1: Open Queue Competitor

You can complete this challenge by winning 7 games in Competitive Play’s Open Que.

Season 1: Experienced Competitor

You have to win 50 competitive games to complete this challenge.

Season 1: Amateur Competitor

This task can be completed if you win 20 games in any Competitive mode.

Season 1: Veteran Competitor

The only way to complete this task is to win 100 games in Competitive mode.

Divine Protection

This challenge is more difficult to complete because you have to stay alive for 5 seconds after being cleansed by Kiriko’s Protection Suzu.

Never Saw It Coming

If you like Junker Queen, you can complete this challenge after throwing your knife and damaging a target when it returns.

Railgun Mastery

Those who like Sojourn and complete 5 eliminations with the hero’s alternative fire mode will win 500 EXP.

As the Queen Commands

You must secure 5 eliminations while under JQ’s Commanding Shout to complete this challenge.

All Hail The Queen

Speaking of Junker Queen, this task will require you to kill 5 targets who are under the effect of Junker Queen’s ultimate.

Disruptive Behaviour

You can complete this by securing 5 eliminations on heroes that are shown by Sojourn’s Disruptive shot.


To complete this task, you need to earn an elimination or assist on Sojourn while she uses her ult.

I Make My Own Fate

You can complete this challenge by escaping from Orisa’s ultimate.

Cease Your Resistance

If you are interested in this Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Season Challenge, you must secure 5 eliminations on enemies that are affected by Orisa’s ult.

Finish Them!!

Once you see an enemy punched into a wall by Doomfist, you must eliminate him. As a result, you will receive 500 XP.

Season 1: Role Queue Competitor

You can complete this challenge once you win 7 games in Competitive Play’s Role Queue.


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