How To Change The Led Color On A Gaming Mouse?

Gaming Mouse: Everyone is interested in led colour mice now. Many companies have come out with their RGB lighting mice. If you want to change the colour of your gaming mouse’s LED lights, your mouse model must be able to do so or have RGB lighting technology that can be changed. 

You can’t change the colour of the lights on any gaming mouse, though. To change the colour of your mouse’s lead, you need customized help. It depends on your computer (PC or laptop), whether you have Windows 10 or an older version, and whether you have an expensive or cheap mouse. 

You can change the colour by going to the control panel and changing how your mouse is set up. It would help if you had a model of mouse that can handle more than one colour. If your mouse model doesn’t support more than one colour, you can’t change the led colour.

RGB lights are on every new gaming mouse. Logitech, SteelSeries, Razer, HyperX, and Asus are the most well-known gaming mouse brands. Each of these brands has an app that works with it. This app gives you full control over your gaming accessories, like a mouse. Logitech also uses LightSync, another way to control LED lighting besides RGB.

Using LightSync, you can change the way your lights work, change the colour of your mouse, so it doesn’t distract you, and make all of your settings match one lighting theme. The LED lights on your mouse can also be turned off.


To change the colour of the LED on your gaming mouse, you need the following:

Mouse Model:

First, choose a mouse model that can handle a lot of colours. There are many ways to change the colour of the LED on different kinds of mice. For instance, you can change the colour of the LEDs on the Red Dragon m601 gaming mouse by pressing the side buttons and the scroll button simultaneously. If you have a Logitech LightSync Mouse or a Razer Mouse and want to change the colour, you need to have the right software installed.

Mouse with Colored LED Lights:

Use a mouse that must support more than one colour.

Software Needed:

It’s also important to download the app or software that works with your mouse. LightSync technology needs to work with your mouse. Using the app that works with your gaming mouse, you can control, update, and manage it. For example, to change the colour of the LEDs on the Logitech gaming mouse, you need to install “Logitech G Hub.” For the Razer DeathAdder mouse, you need to install “Razer App.”

Steps to change the colour of the Logitech Mouse LED:

Here are some easy steps to follow to change the colour of the mouse led:


First, use a gaming mouse from Logitech that works with LightSync because the led colour changes based on the gaming mouse’s brand. So, if your mouse doesn’t work with LightSync, you can’t change the colour of the LEDs.

Install the software or app:

When you buy a Logitech gaming mouse, you should first download the Logitech G Hub software or an app that works with it. You can use it to change how LightSync works. Try to keep this app on your desktop or at the top of your taskbar. It will let you get to your apps quickly.

Customization of mouse settings

Each gaming mouse has its settings, but most are probably pretty similar. So, when you set up G Hub, you will be asked to do a few things. You can start making changes to the app’s settings after skipping the tour.

Also, other gaming devices like wheels, joysticks, and other genre-specific controllers. Here, you can learn about the Logitech mouse’s LightSync effects and how they work with the keyboard’s light effects. When you play the environment, you can set the RGB lighting for each key on the keyboard to have a different colour and effect.

You can find out what the Effects do by using the drop-down menu to choose one of the effects on the list and see what it does. Play around with it. Do not put on a set whose effects will give you headaches and take your attention away.

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Change the Color Set:

Click the G logo on your desktop to change the light setting for your Logitech gaming mouse while you are playing a game. It will show you every colour you can think of and let you set them the way you want. Here, you can choose from different colours for your gaming mouse.

Syncing your lighting preferences across your Logitech G devices lets you choose from different colours. If you click on the LightSync tab, you can choose from options like effect, colour cycle, or breathing. But you like to set the gaming mouse configuration to either OFF or ON to turn the colours on or off. Don’t forget that ‘G’ and DPI sensors should be the same colour.

The purpose of the various Customization Tabs:

Logo: If you click on the logo, you can change how your lights work. Here, you can look at different effects and change how they work.

Effect: If you click on the effect, you can see the different effects and choose the one you want.

OFF: Click the OFF tab if you don’t want to see any change.

Fixed: Click on fixed after adding your favourite effects to the series. The colours are now set.

Breathing: Choose a colour and click on the breathing tab to make the light dim or bright.

Screen sampler: This tab lets you choose the average colour in that zone and map it to the device’s RGB colours.

Colour: If you know the RGB value or can type it in the text area, you can change the colour from this spot on the colour wheel. RGB stands for red, green, and blue. You have to give values for red, green, and blue. By dragging the colour in the centre of the colour wheel, you can change the colour or add it as a favourite.

Profile selector: This is where you can change the settings for your profile.

Sync lighting zones: The gaming mouse has a feature that lets you sync the primary and logo light zones.

Sync lighting options: Clicking this option will show you other gears and a plus sign that you can use to sync them with the way the lights are set up now. You can choose a colour scheme and how long the effects will last (cycles and breathing). If you want to take a device out of the light sync settings, you can click the “Unsync” button and press “X” to go back.


As far as features and light sync settings go, gaming mice from every company is the same. You have to install the software, choose your preferences, and change the colours to suit your needs.

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