How to build a nuke and complete the Champion's Domination quest in Warzone 2


On November 16, Warzone 2 was released on all platforms. Without exaggeration, hundreds of thousands of players around the world were waiting for this.

The second part of Warzone, the ideological successor of the original battle royale in the world of CoD, has absorbed all the proven mechanics of the first part, embellishing with new features from above: here you have the possibility of water battles, and reworked loot mechanics and the abolished weapon upgrade system. Another notable feature of Warzone 2 is the amount of PvE content that is plentiful in the game.

We have a DMZ mode, similar to Escape From Tarkov, and in the near future we plan to expand the arsenal of missions for passing. However, there are already secret missions in Warzone 2, and Champion’s Domination is one of them.

In this guide, we will show you how to complete Champion’s Domination and blow up Al Mazrah with an atomic bomb. With it, you can achieve an extremely spectacular victory over your rivals.

How to activate Champion’s Domination quest

The activation of the Champion’s Domination task to collect a nuclear bomb occurs according to the standard scheme for Warzone – by starting a contract. The only catch with Champion’s Domination is that the contract appears randomly in the match.

Previously, there were rumors that the task could be activated only with a large streak of matches won, but there is no confirmation of this. The community continues to try to find the logic for the appearance of the quest, but more and more often they agree that it does not exist and contracts are activated randomly.

But what is there is the quest itself.

How to build a nuclear bomb in Warzone 2

To create your own nuclear bomb in Warzone 2 will have to sweat. The task consists of several time-limited stages.

As soon as you pick up a contract, the announcer will say the phrase: “Champions quest has begun. Collect nuclear weapons and destroy the war zone.”


After that, the countdown to collect materials to create a nuclear bomb will begin. In total, you need to find 3 pieces: Beryllium, Plutonium and Tritium. You will have to collect them in 27 minutes.

When entering the collection zone of one of the materials, the player of the Champion’s Domination quest team will be highlighted on the map with a crown icon after finding the first element of the atomic bomb. Works similarly to the Target One contract, allowing other players on the battlefield to stop you from assembling a nuclear bomb.

After collecting the three elements of a nuclear bomb in Warzone 2, you need to wait for the Bomb Site to open. It will appear only at the start of the 4th phase of the narrowing of the circle.

How to detonate a nuclear bomb in Warzone 2

After completing the first stage of the Champion’s Domination quest, it remains to detonate a nuclear bomb. To do this, you need to perform several actions.

Follow the plane, which will appear after the 4th narrowing of the circle and drop the “nuclear canister”.

Get to the place where the canister fell. There will be several of them and all of them will be marked with a special icon on the minimap.

Activate the canister. Interacting with the canister will start a countdown.

After completing all three points, the most difficult thing remains – to wait. Activating a nuclear charge will start a timer for 2:00, during which you need to protect the nuclear bomb from those who wish to defuse it. Other players can destroy the charge, however it will take time (30 seconds).

If you manage to hold out for 2 minutes, you will launch a nuclear warhead, destroying the entire Al Mazrah. Along with this, you will complete one of the most difficult quests – Champion’s Domination.


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