How to analyze eSports matches? Techniques and tips for winning in game betting


Betting on esports can be not only a fun activity for you that arouses interest in the game, but also a good way to earn money. Absolutely clear that it will be very fun to receive money from your favorite CS: GO, League of Legends or Dota 2. But to make money from betting, you need to work out a system.

Match betting

If you already know the more or less professional scene, you can set aside a certain budget for betting. It should be an amount you won’t regret. In addition, losing it should not significantly affect your financial health as betting is a risky investment.

To reduce the risk it is best to bet in BO3, BO5 format. Try to avoid games that only take place on one map. Everyone can win here and the result is less logical. In matches with 3 or even 5 cards, the risk is much lower. BO2 is also not the best option as it comes to the third result – a draw.

It’s best to bet only on the final result of the match – who will win. Results such as a win in the pistol round, the number of rounds played, being killed with a grenade or a knife are questionable. The result can be anything and the bet turns into a real casino.

Don’t bet your entire bankroll on one game. It’s best to divide this amount by 10 bets. So you don’t risk losing all your money in 1 match.

Don’t bet on low odds: 1.05, 1.11 and so on. In e-Sports, anything can happen, and it’s not worth the risk because of ten rubles. Obvious truth: it’s better to look for higher odds. If you are sure that a weak team will win in a given match, why not charge money for a factor of 2.3 or 5?

Don’t get excited – this thing will destroy you. If you’ve lost a lot, you don’t have to be madly trying to win back in the same second. Maybe it’s worth to postpone your bets and come back a little later, but with no emotions, with a sober head. Work on bugs, better research the esports scene.


Become an expert

If you choose to bet without having a real understanding of esports disciplines, the chances are that this business will turn into a regular casino. Yes, you may be lucky for a while, but in the long run it will all end up in a waste of your money.

Before you bet on CS: GO and other esports disciplines, you need to start closely following professional teams, watching tournaments, analyzing video games, reading the news. All this information will allow you to get a complete picture in your head, and based on this information, you will be able to bet real money. GG Bet Polska offers on its website the possibility of betting on eSports during the match, and to make this process as convenient as possible, the company provides free broadcasts of almost every game. So you can quickly start to understand the essence of the game and earn more.

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It will not be superfluous to subscribe to cybersports accounts on social networks such as Instagram, Twitter. There you can follow as teams prepare for the tournaments. If players hang out at a party on the eve of an important match, this information can also be extremely useful when choosing a bet.

Once the game is over, the stream shouldn’t end for you. After the video game matches, the word is passed to an analytical studio, where everything that happened is discussed by experts, often players (sometimes acting). It is also worth listening to their words if you want to win money, because these people have been in the field of e-Sports for many years.

Analysis of the latest team results

Anyone who has bet on CS: GO at least once understands that we are talking about a monopoly service – HLTV. Monopoly in the modern world is very destructive in any business, because in the absence of competition, there is no progress and development. But fortunately in our case, this is not a problem, because the site has been around for over a dozen years and all this time has been used by everyone who follows the professional CS: GO scene and directly by the professionals themselves.

On the website you can both see all the latest results of a given team, as well as delve into the detailed statistics of every match, every player. For example, to keep track of which player is losing form in recent matches and may be eliminated in the next game, or a player that is always out in LAN tournaments, and so on.


There are hundreds or even thousands of predictive groups on social media. You can listen to them as well, but you have to do it by combining critical thinking. Before the match, review several such groups, follow the general trend, come up with your own opinion.

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You can also independently monitor how the forecasts of a particular person come. To do this, take a screenshot of the person’s predicted score a few hours before the match. Then, within 10-20 games, check the percentage of the bets placed. Looking at forecasts after the fact is a bad idea, because a person can change them, falsify them.

Bets on Dota 2

Many people interested in CS: GO also follow other esports disciplines, such as Dota 2. There are also a lot of tournaments, interesting matches and you can make money from them. You can place bets on Dota 2 at specialized betting sites.


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