How computer games evolve


Statista predicts that gamers could account for a third of the world’s population by 2022. What technology will shape the industry and how will its popularity affect our lives?

Outlook on the gaming industry

In 2019, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings stated in a letter to shareholders that the service’s main competitor isn’t Disney+ or HBO, but the PC game Fortnite. Gaming, the newest format in the global entertainment industry, is becoming increasingly popular and interactive, especially CSGO Live Betting. Developers adopt and even provoke new technologies.

Experts predict that the market for the most important trend in the gaming industry – cloud gaming – will grow to $450 million by 2023. Technology is already making the games more democratic. Services like Google Stadia, Playstation Now or Playkey run resource-intensive applications without being tied to the capabilities of the hardware.

In the future, they will give developers the freedom to work without technical constraints. Above all, the barrier of expensive hardware will no longer exist. Everyone can live out their fantasies in game development.

VR – Boundaries between genres will disappear

In the future there will be a new class of games that were originally developed for the standards of the cloud and are not technically restricted. A new class of games will combine many genre fragments.

Unprecedented horizons will open up for virtual worlds, including VR. Cities and even entire planets can be worked out down to the smallest detail – they will be almost indistinguishable from reality.

Element of social validation

An important element of the social acceptance of the player character’s actions will be that virtual communities will more and more resemble the real ones. For example, the developers of Death Stranding introduced likes to encourage other players to take actions such as constructing buildings or posting warning signs.

Earnings of the world’s richest eSports players will increase

Considering the huge prize pools available to players, the support from big companies like Valve, the ability to make eSports bets and the steady scaling of the gaming industry, it is clear that cyber sports will very soon be on par with traditional sports will.

The gaming industry is now in a new phase of development. The economic importance of gambling companies that shape important trends and create innovations is increasing. According to reports and expert opinions, the gambling market is getting deeper and wider. There is a place for

  • Breakthrough virtual reality technologies;
  • growing mobile gaming user base;
  • High budget sporting events.

Considering today’s realities, the future of the gaming industry promises to be really exciting.


The prize money for the individual disciplines is different. For example, PUBG Mobile, Fortnite and FIFA have hosted tournaments with a total prize pool of $1 million or more. The largest prize pools come from the Dota 2 International Championships, which reached $34,330,068 in 2019.

Important eSports disciplines

Looking at the number of esports tournaments and their total prize money, the following top esports disciplines can be identified:


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