“How Andrew Tate cost me a job […]”: XSET Zekken hints at Carlos’ video costing G2 their VCT 2023 partnership


“How Andrew Tate cost me a job […]”: XSET Zekken hints at Carlos’ video costing G2 their VCT 2023 partnership


Did Carlos really rob G2 esports of a VCT partnership slot?

One of the biggest surprises in Riot’s VCT partnership announcements recently was the absence of G2 esports. The Europe-based team was set to secure a NA slot in the Valorant partnerships, however, a recent controversy seems to have been the reason for their absence on the VCT partnered-teams list. 

XSET Valorant player, Zachary “zekken” Patrone, has strongly indicated that G2 were in the process of picking up the XSET roster. However, the controversy surrounding a video posted on social media by the G2 CEO, Carlos appears to have derailed G2’s Valorant future.

Following their inability to secure a VCT partnership for 2023, XSET has allowed its players to search for a new home. The XSET Valorant roster has been one of the most promising and successful rosters in North America. The team finished 4th in Stage 1 Challengers and won the Stage 2 NA Challengers over OpTic Gaming (who also did not secure VCT partnership).

G2’s VCT partnership denial cost XSET players a job

XSET Valorant roster at VCT Champs Istanbul
XSET poses onstage after victory against Fnatic at the VALORANT Champions 2022 Istanbul Playoffs Stage on September 10, 2022 in Istanbul, Turkey. (Photo by Lance Skundrich/Riot Games)

G2’s interest in the XSET Valorant roster was first reported in the Washington Post by Mikhail Klimentov. The report mentions that even though Riot had not formally ever approvedG2’s application, “some teams’ executives were given informal, winking green lights on their partnership applications to allow them to start handling the logistics of a possible move.”

On September 17, G2 Carlos posted a video where he is enjoying drinks at a party with Andrew Tate. The TikTok star has received heavy criticism for his misogynistic views and offensive comments on women. Previously a relatively unknown person, his popularity exploded in 2022, not always for the right reasons. However, as of August 2022, several social media platforms have banned him including TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. 

On facing mass criticism from the community, G2 Carlos doubled down on the tweet. Defending the video, he proclaimed he would be friends with whoever he wanted. It indirectly defends his choice of posting the video with Andrew Tate. 

Following the public furore, G2 esports suspended their CEO for eight days. But it was apparently not enough to undo the damage to the org’s reputation and their VCT partnership chances.

Is G2 out of Valorant? 

The VCT 2023 format allows for teams not directly partnered with Riot to still compete at the highest level. There will be Challengers events which allow for teams’ promotions to higher leagues. It will be a tougher process for most teams in Challengers but we can expect to see some big names in the T2 scene next year. Hopefully, G2 continuted to invest in Valorant and field a stronger roster for next year.

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