Hotel Hideaway announces the launch of the first of a monthly World of Love Island quiz series


The digital entertainment and media platform Azerion has released the findings of its first virtual branded hangout room in Hotel Hideaway for Love Island and ITV Studios. Since its inception eleven weeks ago, this room has generated higher user engagement than any of the others. As a result of the collaboration’s quick success, Azerion and ITV Studios are introducing the first quiz in a monthly series called World of Love Island to provide gamers with different experiences in Hotel Hideaway.

Virtual branded Love Island villa was an instant hit in Hotel Hideaway

135,000 items were sold in the branded room’s first 15 hours of operation. After 30 days, this climbed to 545,000, with blue and pink caps being the most popular choices. The average number of products sold during earlier Hotel Hideaway campaigns was 75,000 in the first 15 hours and 360,000 after the first 30 days.

This campaign outperformed those earlier campaigns. The branded room had 3 million visits in 30 days, averaging 46,000 visitors each day who spent an average of 52 minutes inside.

Image via Azerion

Azerion, in collaboration with ITV Studios, will be releasing additional features as the current season of Love Island comes to a finish. The reunion took place on August 7 in the UK, while the season closes on August 28 in the US.

Relive the Love Island magic with the World of Love Island Quiz in Hotel Hideaway

As part of their global digital content relationship, Azerion and ITV Studios are excited to announce the launch of a monthly World of Love Island quiz series, which is hosted on Hotel Hideaway from September 1, 2022.

As they take a knowledge test while seeing legendary footage from Love Island shows from around the world, players can now join other avatars with beach bodies in the Love Island Villa. Players must respond to queries like What happens next? in the new immersive World of Love Island quiz experience.

What shade were his bathing shorts? Which nation is this Islander a native of? Stepping on platforms A, B, and C causes the platform containing the correct answer to light up. Players will never miss the chance to prove who is the largest Love Island expert around because there are three rounds, each with five questions, and they are televised four times a day (to accommodate all time zones).

Everyone who participates also receives an exclusive pin to display. The summer spirit will be maintained by a special release of new clothing and furnishings as well as the expansion of the Love Island room into the World of Love Island area.

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