Hot Wheels Unleashed: How to Get a Boost Start

An age-old staple in racing games (especially Arcade Racers), the start boost gives players the extra oomph they need to start each race off right. HotWheels Unleashed is no different in offering a boost, but the difference with this game is that instead of just one boost to try for, players have three different boosts to choose from. Each one offers its own amount of boost power, from 1/4 of a bar to a full one, depending on when the acceleration button is actually pressed.

Whereas previous racing games required players to hit their acceleration just before “Go” (after counting down 3, 2, 1), Hotwheels Unleashed‘s timings are centered around “3” and “2” in the actual countdown. When the race starts, players still need to actually press their boost button to actually use the boost. So if the goal is to get the fastest start possible, be sure to hit boost as soon as the countdown finishes to rocket the car forward. The smallest boost will be red and will give players 1/4 a bar of boost. The middle boost will be green and will players 3/4 a bar of boost. Finally, the best boost will be purple and will reward players will a full bar of boost.


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Hotwheels Unleashed Red Boost

To get the smallest/red boost, players will need to hit the acceleration button as soon as the “3” in the countdown starts to disappear. When timed correctly, a red fire will appear from underneath the car that will last about a second before it fizzles out. Even though it does disappear, the 1/4 bar of boost (or one circle depending on which car is being used) will still stay and will be ready for use.

HotWheels Unleashed Green Boost

The green boost actually has two opportunities for the player to get it, making it the easiest and arguably most common boost players will see in the game. The first opportunity will be to press the acceleration button just before the “2” in the countdown timer appears. The second opportunity will be after the “2” is already visible on the screen before it actually starts to disappear.

When done correctly, both of these will cause the car to dispense a green “fire” underneath it. Just as with the red boost, the green “fire” will disappear and turn into smoke, but the 3/4 bar of boost (or two circles depending on which car is being used) earned will remain.

HotWheels Unleashed Purple Boost

The last and best boost will be purple, and while it’s the most difficult to get, getting the timing right for it won’t be too much of a hassle. The timing for this boost will be between the two green boosts. Players will want to hit the acceleration button as soon as the “2” appears on the screen. Each number in the countdown will have an audio cue, so the goal will be to press the acceleration button as soon as the audio indicator for “2” hits.

When done right, a purple fire will appear from underneath the car. As with the red and green boosts, it will disappear after about a second, but the full bar of boost (or three circles depending on which car is being used) it provides will remain until the player uses it.

HotWheels Unleashed is out now on PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch, PC, and Amazon Luna.

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