Horizon Fan Creates Stunning Real Life Window Featuring Aloy and a Tallneck


A Horizon fan showcases a beautiful stained-glass window that they made for their home featuring Aloy and a Tallneck machine.

A Horizon Forbidden West player created an amazing stained-glass window for their home featuring the title’s protagonist, Aloy. Gamers love creating artwork based off of their favorite franchises, leading to impressive works. Horizon Forbidden West has inspired great pieces of art from artists, as it features a rich world filled with plenty of inspiration.

Tallnecks are a special kind of machine that Aloy can come across. They are non-hostile creatures that she can climb on and can be used to get rid of the fog covering the world map. One player has created an awesome piece of art featuring a Tallneck and Aloy from Horizon Forbidden West.


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A Reddit user named whengeekscraft created a stained-glass window that they installed in their home featuring Aloy watching a Tallneck. According to whengeekscraft, the window took 5 months to make, and is composed of 335 individual pieces of glass. The artists stated that it costed them around $1,500 in supplies, and is the most expensive thing that they have made to date. The user also said that they had to build a mount inside their wall in order to hang the work, turning the window into a permanent part of their home. The piece looks great and is an awesome result of many months worth of time and energy.

Whengeekscraft’s Horizon Forbidden West based stained-glass window is garnering a number of fans, with the post currently sitting at over 3,000 upvotes. A number of fans are calling it incredible, with a few stating that they want the piece. Many are mentioning that they want a window like this in their own homes, leading to some Redditors saying that they would buy the work. Whengeekscraft’s work is amazing and is another beautiful example of art created by fans showing their love for a title.

While whengeekscraft is creating physical pieces of art, another Redditor is creating artwork in the digital realm. A user known as MartinDK3485 made a detailed portrait of Aloy in the title Dreams. The video that MartinDK3485 posted showed the whole process of making the 3D work of art, which started with a silhouette of Aloy and a patch of dirt. The video then shows all the steps that the artist had to take to make detailed piece, including the small steps that helped add texture and detail to the world around Aloy. Both whengeekscraft and MartinDK3485 displayed what fans can create when they put their minds and hours of work into projects of love.

Horizon Forbidden West is available now for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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