Honkai Impact 3rd v6.0 Arrow of Novae update brings new events, challenges and rewards


The Honkai Impact 3rd team has announced that the action game will get updated to v6.0 Arrow of Novae on September 15th. Elysia, the Herrscher of Human: Ego, keeps spreading hope even after the grand conclusion of the Flame-Chasers’ journey. Despite the impending end of the world, she maintains her faith in humanity and is unwavering in her never-ending pursuit of all that is lovely and good. Elysia’s full beauty and true self are revealed by the new S-rank Herrscher battlesuit.

Along with the new battlesuit, Elysian Realm will also get improvements, including new characters that can be played and changes to the Flame-Chaser Trials. Also coming soon are the Summer Survival Rhapsody Side 13 event’s new event chapters, bonuses, rewards, and energising summer attire.

The first Herscherr Human: Ego is finally coming to Honkai Impact 3rd

Even in combat, like the Herrscher of Human: Ego, Elysia epitomises beauty. Her entire ensemble is designed in the manner of an evening gown, and wings and bells are used to suspend her long hair and veil in the air. She has a PSY-type personality and deals Ice DMG from a distance. With the help of Magic Arrows, Crystal Flowers, and arrows of love and hope, she mostly uses her Charged attack to deal damage to foes.

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Invoking the Herrscher of Origin form, Elysia’s ultimate transforms her into a mermaid who swims freely in a sea of stars while healing teammates and regenerating SP. Her bells and veil are transformed into a four-piece, transparent shawl in the form of wings. Her ethereal fishtail is made of flower buds, with stars and light balls adorning the tip and inner side.

The Herrscher of Human: Ego and the Herrscher of the Void will take part in the conflict in the Elysian Realm in the future v6.0 release. Additionally, Captains will be able to board Summer Survival Rhapsody Side 13, the second instalment of the important summer event, and engage in an exciting quest with Flame-Chasers. Captains that participate in the event series can earn fantastic rewards and bonuses, including Seagull’s Soar, the new summer attire for Shadow Knight!

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