Hogwarts Legacy: How to Complete The Lost Astrolabe (Side Quest Guide)


Not only does completing The Lost Astrolabe reward players with a unique piece of facewear, but it also teaches them how to dive underwater.

There are some fairly difficult side quests and puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy, with players often needing to prove themselves in combat or test their reasoning skills. “The Lost Astrolabe” requires neither of these things from players, nor does it end up being a particularly challenging side quest when all’s said and done. One thing that it does do though is to teach players about one of the game’s most important mechanics: diving.

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Learning how to dive underwater in Hogwarts Legacy can come in very handy, with players able to find some very useful items and Gear down in the murky depths. With this in mind, it’s well worth completing “The Lost Astrolabe,” particularly as doing so will only take a couple of minutes. That said, players will need to wait until after they’ve completed the “Find The Secret in the Restricted Section” quest before they can get started.

How to Complete The Lost Astrolabe in Hogwarts Legacy


To begin “The Lost Astrolabe” players will need to speak with Grace Pinch-Smedley: a young Slytherin student who can be found on an old wooden dock in the Lower Hogsfield area of the South Hogwarts region. Players will need to be at least Level 7 before they can trigger the quest, so it’s best to wait until being summoned to the area by Natty during Hogwarts Legacy‘s fourth main quest.


Grace will ask for help finding her family’s lost Astrolabe, which is in the water to the northeast of the dock. To reach it, Hogwarts Legacy players will simply need to jump into the water and then make their way out toward the area marked on their map. They may encounter a Dugbog or two in the water here, but as players won’t be able to use their wands while swimming, it’s best to give these enemies a wide berth or take them out from the shallows.


After arriving at the marked location, players should start to notice some white circles in the water. Heading to the center of one of these circles and pressing either the Square (PlayStation) or X (Xbox) button will allow players to dive into the water and will result in them emerging with either items or Gear. After searching enough of these spots, players will eventually find the lost Astrolabe and will then be able to return to shore and claim their reward.


As with a lot of the other side quests in Hogwarts Legacy, players will be given a choice as to whether or not they return the missing item they retrieved. Choosing to keep the Astrolabe or demanding a reward will certainly annoy Grace, but players will ultimately end up with exactly the same rewards regardless of what they choose. They’ll get 180 XP and the Mermaid Mask: a cosmetic item that can be used to customize the appearance of a piece of Gear.

How to Dive Underwater in Hogwarts Legacy


As mentioned above, Hogwarts Legacy players can dive underwater while swimming by heading to a white circle and pressing either the Square (PlayStation) or X (Xbox) button. This mechanic is incredibly useful, as, just like with chests, the items and gear that players get while diving is random. As such, it’s possible to save and then reload the game to reroll the rewards for each dive spot, allowing players to get some pretty cool items if they have the patience.

Hogwarts Legacy is available now on PS5, Xbox Series S|X, and PC. PS4, Xbox One, and Switch versions are currently in development.


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