Hilarious Video Imagines How Cleaning in The Last of Us Would Work

A TikTok creator shows The Last Of Us fans how chores would work in the style of the game, complete with a crafting table.

In case players were wondering how cleaning would work in The Last Of Us, a TikTok creator made a hilarious video that incorporated the game’s crafting mechanic while doing chores. The survival horror game is best known for Joel Miller and Ellie Williams’ father-daughter relationship while fighting Clickers.

First released in 2013 for the PS3, The Last Of Us became a hit among survival horror fans for its immersive gameplay and heartfelt storyline. The game would later be remastered for the PS4 a year later, followed by its sequel The Last Of Us Part 2 in 2020. Next year, HBO will premiere the TV adaptation starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey as Joel and Ellie, respectively.


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Over on TikTok, many players have been sharing clips and edits based on the game. But Italian video editor cidilicrash took it a step further and showed followers how he cleans in the style of The Last Of Us. While carrying a backpack filled with cleaning tools, he replicated Joel’s movements in the game, down to the Inspect mode when he read a piece of paper that said “You need to clean this mess.” He then assembled a vacuum cleaner on a crafting table and cleaned the floor, even getting a PlayStation trophy named “The Dust Of Us.”

The TikTok creator, who has over 339,000 followers, is known for making funny skits that place video game characters in mundane settings. His previous posts focused on God Of War‘s Kratos doing household tasks, like taking out the trash and washing dishes.

Posted across many social platforms, fans seemed to love cidilicrash’s The Last Of Us video and the effort he put in to add elements of the game. The fact that Joel plays a father figure in the game and seeing him in a more domestic setting made it funnier for fans. It’s the same reception with his Kratos videos. Perhaps cidilicrash’s next set of videos will show the video game dads picking up after Ellie and Atreus.

The renewed hype for The Last Of Us can be attributed to the upcoming TV series. It’s a great thing considering that there are other The Last Of Us projects in the pipeline, such as a Kickstarter-funded board game and a rumored third game. Hopefully, this would help Naughty Dog and Sony expand the Ellie’s story further, and perhaps come out with another The Last Of Us prequel DLC featuring Joel this time.

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