High Score Interview: Scott “Scooter388” Williams


If you spend enough time in the Detroit area Smash Bros. scene, you’ll see a lot of the same faces. Scott “Scooter388” Williams is one of those faces. His able playing and fantastic commentary skills have made him a mainstay of the scene. We sat down with Scott to talk about how he first got started in games, how he became hooked on Smash, and where his goal to defeat the terrorists on Twitter.

What first got you into gaming?
Going all the way back to the Sega Genesis era, that’d be Sonic the Hedgehog actually. That’s really what got me into it. My uncle showed me gameplay, I asked for it for my birthday and got it. It’s been nonstop gaming ever since.

When did you switch over to being a Nintendo guy?
That was actually my second console. An NES. I wouldn’t say I tie myself down to any one console, I’m just in it for the gaming.

Open to it all

That’s a good way to go about it. When did you first start playing Smash?
That would have been in my college days. That would have been 2006, 2007? Sometime around then. Me and another Smasher ended up running Melee brackets in the common area. I took a break for Brawl but came back during Smash 4.

Why did you take a break?
Getting life situated. Brawl didn’t appeal to me as much because I was playing Luigi and Peach in Melee and they did not transition too well to Brawl, I’m not gonna lie about that.

Who do you main now?

What about Belmont connected with you?
I’ve been waiting for them since Melee, to be honest. I still love playing Luigi, but the problem is this scene has zoned me out of Luigi. We have too many Samuses, we have too many Belmonts. We have way too many projectiles to get past so I figured if you can’t beat them, just join them and I finally got the zoner I’d been waiting for.

You do a lot of commentary for the scene, is that becoming more of your focus?
I mean, it’s where my money is coming from rather than playing the bracket (laughs). Commentary is just something fun for me to do. A way to stay involved in the scene and actually get into grands in a different way.

Your tag is Scooter388, but your Twitter handle is Scooter3881. What happened there?
There’s a whole thing there. The problem is, when I finally joined Twitter, I wanted Scooter388 but it was already taken.

Yes, I know! I didn’t believe it so I typed it in again and Twitter said “this name is not available”. So I looked it up and it comes up saying “this account has been banned”. The profile picture was an Isis flag and the background was a picture of a group of terrorists.

So, somehow, terrorists have taken the account name I want. Please, Twitter, help me get my account name freed. Don’t let the terrorists win!


Follow Scooter on Twitter! Don’t let the terrorists win!

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