Clash Royale: 11 Useful Methods That Will Help You Level Up in Clash Royale

When you play Grand Challenges

Clash Royale’s Game Evaluation indicates that 1,000 Gold may be purchased for 60 Gems at any time. Therefore, if you win at least two games in the Grand Challenge, you will automatically get 2,000 gold; any more victories will result in additional rewards. Therefore, participate in great challenges to acquire more things that will assist you in rapidly levelling up in Clash Royale.

How to Climb the Ladder

The harder you operate, the more rewards you will get. When you complete trophies, you unlock various things that may be used in the game. If you obtain 7900 Trophies, you will unlock everything currently accessible.

The greatest part is that it resets at the end of each season, allowing you to get those goodies again in the next season. Because of this, those free things have the potential to speed up the process of reaching the maximum level.

Buying Royale Pass

The Royale Pass offers the most bang for your buck compared to everything else the game offers. It opens an extra 35 tiers with many Special things in Clash Royale, such as Books of books, from which you may receive the needed quantity of cards to the position of any cards heedless of their rarity. Additionally, it unlocks a lot of other tiers with many Special items.

Magic Coins allow you to level up any card to the next level without having to spend any of your cash on the process. And many wild cards of all different rarities for you to use in upgrading your existing cards. These goods are useful in advancing one’s level. To achieve the maximum level in Clash Royale more quickly than other players, it is recommended that you get the Royale Pass.

Getting through the Special Challenges

At least two Special tasks will be available to participate in every week during the game. You have the opportunity to earn more money, cards, wildcards, tokens, chest Keys, emotes, and rare chests in Clash Royale if you are successful in completing the weekly challenge. Therefore, you should make every effort to accomplish those weekly tasks to get stuff that will ultimately assist you in levelling up.

15 Wins the prize for the Global Tournament

You will be able to buy the Value offer of unlocking 15 perks if you score 15 victories in the Clash Royale Global Tournament and have 500 gems in your Gem Vault. It contains everything that would cost more than 5000 gems to purchase individually from a store, such as the Legendary King Chest, 50,000 money, Tokens, Wild cards, and chest Keys. Since all those goods are the rarest and most precious in Clash Royale, these resources flow to Handley so that she may level up to 14.

Getting the Most Out of Trade Tokens

You may get assistance from other clan members by exchanging cards with them if you don’t have enough cards to upgrade to the next level. It will assist you in concentrating on your preferred cards, and you will be able to improve those cards as fast as possible, which will eventually help you level up more rapidly.

The game Clan Wars

The outcome of Clan Wars is contingent on how well your clan performs, although you may earn respectable amounts of money throughout training and fighting days. Special Chests will be awarded to the top three finishing clans as a possible extra incentive if your clan has the greatest overall performance.

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Upgrade Cards

The most efficient way to get game experience points is to upgrade your cards. The more advanced the degree of the improvement, the more experience points you will gain. Therefore, you should try to level up all your cards to the same level, even though you should only level up the cards you use. Upgrade your low-level cards for relatively little gold and a good quantity of experience points if you want to acquire the maximum amount of experience points feasible.

Taking part in events in the community

The community around Clash Royale is robust and continues to expand. As a result, numerous events are taking place to acquire uncommon things and increase one’s chances of winning a substantial sum of money. Therefore, maintain your connections with other members of the Clash Royale community throughout such events to reach the maximum level of 14.

Give Gift Cards

Not only does donating cards assist your fellow clan members, but it also awards you a significant amount of experience points. You should only really contribute the cards you use very seldom when it comes to giving, but if you are grinding XP quickly, you should donate every card you can. If you donate a common card, you will get 1 experience point, but if you donate a rare card, you will receive 10 experience points. Therefore, the total amount of experience you will get will be 800 if you contribute 50 rares and 300 commons.

Complete Achievements

Even though completing accomplishments in Clash Royale is the only other method to gain XP in the game, you still need this XP (in addition to gems) to level up quickly. Completing achievements awards you with a little amount of experience. The total amount of experience you get for achieving accomplishments is 310. This may not seem like much, but it is certainly an improvement over getting nothing.

These awards are ideal for increasing both your overall experience level and the level of your card collection.

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