Hearthstone Quality of Life: Improved redundant card handling


Hearthstone Quality of Life: Improved redundant card handling


Quality of Life in Hearthstone has gradually improved. Redundant card handling is the newest positive change in a long list.

Hearthstone used to carry a harsh reputation with regard to affordability. Yet Quality of Life features have tipped the scales in the opposite direction. In response to player feedback, Blizzard’s latest addition concerns improved redundant card handling. They now offer re-rolls for lower quality duplicates of non-disenchantable cards. We shall explore how this works and how it fits within the larger Hearthstone Quality of Life changes.

First for some context. As the March of the Lich King is getting closer and closer, the new Death Knight class is approaching on a Path of Frost. Chills run down our spines, but few towards our wallets, because the largest chunk of DK epics and legendaries will be free within the Core Set.

How to get every Hearthstone Death Knight class card

Prepare yourself to collect every Hearthstone Death Knight class card as soon as the March of the Lich King expansion arrives with this guide.

Hearthstone Quality of Life timeline

But how did it come to this? Let us recap. 

  • You might remember the previous new class, Demon Hunter – free!
  • It brought with it a Twin Slice of Quality of Life improvements: duplicate protection for all rarities as well as free Competitive decks for new and returning players. 
  • This was quickly followed by a free Reward Track that offered three legendaries, among other cards and gold. A year of the Phoenix, indeed! 
  • The next Standard year kicked off with the Core Set, a yearly load of free staple cards. That Brann Bronzebeard is double the fun because it’s on the house!
  • The current Year of the Hydra is cleaving its targets so far, with six loaner decks complementing the new and returning player experience before they commit to their free deck of choice.
  • Cards can now be upgraded to Golden, reducing the dust cost by its base copy’s worth.
  • Moreover, Blizzard has been gifting up to 150 packs to returning accounts from select regions.

“One of my biggest concerns about the game was how affordable it was”

Ben Lee, Hearthstone Game Director between 2018 and 2022

Improved redundant card handling

And this brings us up to date. As per Ben Lee’s farewell tease, a big character is indeed returning. Despite his rule upon undead denizens, the Lich King also advocates for Hearthstone Quality of Life improvements. Redundant card handling is getting a revamp. The change compensates for duplicates after a higher quality non-disenchantable copy is obtained. 

When a player acquires such a card while also owning their disenchantable version of a lower quality, a popup window will appear. They will be able to re-roll the inferior version to a new card of the same rarity and quality. Duplicate protection will still apply. Don’t worry, no one’s getting duped!


To clarify, card quality ramps up from Normal to Golden to Diamond and Signature, the last two being fundamentally Uncraftable. Let us recap the sources for Golden, Diamond or Signature Uncraftable copies of cards.

  • Reward Track: (i.e. Golden Murlocula)
  • Achievements (i.e. Golden Treasure Guard)
  • Shop purchases (i.e. Diamond Sir Finley from the Tavern Pass)
  • Card packs (Signature cards)
  • Special events

So, for example, if you own Murlocula and obtain a Golden copy from the Reward Track, the game will ask you to re-roll the normal Murlocula to another common. Similarly, when you get a Diamond or Signature legendary and own either its Normal or Golden copy, the re-roll will offer a leggo of the same quality.

Hearthstone Quality of Life
Improved Redundant Card Handling
Golden Murlocula Reward Track

An interesting perk might arise from the Collector achievements. Having 25 leggos from an expansion usually rewards the second Diamond collectible from that set. In this case, Decimator Olgra in Nathria. If you already own her card, the new system should yield an unowned leggo, bringing you to 26 of the 29 required for the final achievement. Gotta catch em all!

In conclusion, this Hearthstone Quality of Life change might benefit all, from casuals to whales. The ethos in the last few years has focused on affordability and continues to show positive signs even with changes in leadership.

Not even the Lich King can stop this! With the expansion ‘Marching’ towards us, we’re expecting plenty of Hearthstone news and updates. Stay tuned to Esports.gg for more.

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