Hate mail and low sales delay the launch of Super Lone Survivor on Switch


Days from launching on the Nintendo Switch, Super Lone Survivor’s sole developer Jasper Bryne announced that the game’s release would be delayed due to low sales on Steam along with hate mail that he’s received.

The reason for this is likely due to the top Steam review claiming that the game, being an enhanced port of the original Lone Survivor, was nothing but a simple port with nothing new added and that people should not buy it, even though the game features a new aspect ratio, art, music, new pieces to the story, and more.

While Jasper recognizes that the original reviewer maybe didn’t mean any harm, he also mentions that the game has had almost no sales since it came out due to the review.

All of these reasons caused the delay on the release for the Switch and it’s unclear if the game will come out anytime soon or at all at this point.

I highly recommend that you watch the trailer for Super Lone Survivor below and that you support Jasper in any way you can, even a comment goes a long way!


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