Hasbro Holiday Gift Guide: Star Wars, Marvel, and More

September may have only just rolled around, but the Holiday season is fast approaching, and that means yet another year of gift-giving. Buying for friends and family is never a simple task, especially when those friends or family include kids. But Hasbro is here to help, and the toy company’s next batch of products are sure to appeal to just about anyone.

With Star Wars, Marvel, and Transformers all receiving new toy lines soon, there’s plenty to appeal to both kids and adults alike. From lightsabers to Power Rangers swords to NERF guns, Hasbro has plenty in store come this Holiday season.


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Tranformers: Bumblebee Cyberverse Adventures – Dinobots Unite Smash Changer Optimus Prime

Approximate Retail Price: $31.49

Based on the Bumblebee Cyberverse Adventures animated show, this Optimus Prime toy comes in at nine inches tall and features an automatic transforming mode. By making a smashing motion in front of it, Optimus Prime will begin to transform. In just three motions, Optimus will have fully transformed into his vehicle mode. A range of other Tranformers, including fan-favorite Bumblebee, are also available in this line.

Play-Doh Ultimate Ice Cream Truck Playset

Approximate Retail Price: $94.99

One for the younger audiences, this Play-Doh Ultimate Ice Cream Truck Playset is a neat, compact playset that includes 27 different tools, ranging from molds to sprinkle makers to ice cream scoops. This set comes with 12 individual cans of Play-Doh, all of which can be stored within the playset itself in small drawers, making it all very easy to clean up after. The playset itself, shaped like an ice cream truck, has cash register sounds and music to further enhance play.

NERF Elite 2.0 Motoblitz Blaster

Approximate Retail Price: $44.99

The latest in NERF’s Elite range, the Motoblitz Blaster features two distinct ways to fire. The Airblitz method sees up to six darts fire out of the blaster at once, powered by pressurized air. The motorized method sees 10 darts fire one after the other, simply by turning on the power and pressing the trigger. With 22 NERF darts included, there’s plenty of fun to be had.

NERF Pro Gelfire Mythic Full Auto Blaster

Approximate Retail Price: $79.99

On the more expensive side of things, the NERF Pro Gelfire Mythic Full Auto Blaster uses an exclusive set of hydrated darts. Called NERF Pro Gelfire rounds, these little pellets come dehydrated in the box, and when they’re ready to be used, users just need to add water. These little pellets burst on impact, leaving a small splash of water in their wake. With an automatically-firing clip, and 10,000 pellets included, the NERF Pro Gelfire Mythic is the ideal toy for outdoors.

Power Rangers Lightning Collection – Mighty Morphin Red Ranger Power Sword

Approximate Retail Price: $219.99

One for the collectors, the Power Rangers Lightning Collection range isn’t cheap, but it is extremely detailed, and the new Red Ranger Power Sword is no different. Designed for play, display, or cosplay, the Red Ranger Power Sword features lights, sounds, and touch-sensitive effects, all the bells and whistles that fans would expect of such a premium piece.

Monopoly Travel: World Tour

Approximate Retail Price: $21.99

The Holiday season wouldn’t be complete without some board games, and Monopoly is always a good choice. This latest version of the game has players traveling around the world, purchasing a range of travel-related properties, and completing a unique series of objectives. This is the perfect pick for anyone looking for a new way to play Monopoly.

Wordle: The Party Game

Approximate Retail Price: $19.99

Based on one of the biggest phenomenons of the year, Wordle: The Party Game is set to release just in time for the Holiday season. Wordle: The Party Game takes that same level of social connection from the online game, and brings it to the game table, tasking family and friends with deciphering a secret word together.

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Clue – Treachery At Tudor Mansion Escape and Solve Mystery Game

Approximate Retail Price: $16.99

A new take on the traditional Clue formula, Treachery At Tudor Mansion sees players work together to first escape the titular house, and then determine who the killer was. With a game board that continues to build-up room by room, and a whole set of clue cards, Clue – Treachery and Tudor Mansion is an exciting new take on the series, and a much more cooperative one.


Approximate Retail Price: $134.99

A remake of the 1989 classic, HeroQuest is a tabletop dungeon crawler that sets a team of four mythical heroes against a wide range of fantastical foes. While four players assume the roles of Barbarian, Elf, Dwarf, and Wizard, one player becomes Zargon, the Game Master, the controller of the action. With over 65 miniatures and 14 quests, HeroQuest has a lot of replay value, and is the ideal starter for those looking to get into other fantasy tabletop games.

Star Wars: L0-LA59 Animatronic Edition

Approximate Retail Price: $89.99

An immediate standout from the Obi-Wan Kenobi Disney+ series, the droid L0-LA59, better known as LOLA, can now be added to any Star Wars fans’ collection. Touching LOLA’s head sensor will activate an array of light, movement, and sounds, and three different modes allow for a wealth of combinations. LOLA comes with some attachable legs for Companion Mode, a stand for Hover Mode, and removing both will activate On the Go Mode.

Star Wars: Lightsaber Forge – Inquisitor Masterworks Set Double-Bladed Electronic Lightsaber

Approximate Retail Price: $66.99

One of Hasbro’s most popular Star Wars lines, the Lightsaber Forge range is expanding once more, this time to include the Inquisitor’s double-bladed lightsaber, once again inspired by its appearance in Obi-Wan Kenobi. Along with lights and sound effects, this lightsaber can be customized fully, with a range of detachable parts that can be swapped with the rest of the Lightsaber Forge range.

Marvel Spider-Man Super Web Slinger

Approximate Retail Price: $22.99

The return of an absolutely classic toy, Hasbro‘s Spider-Man Super Web Slinger gives fans a highly detailed glove, a web shooter, and a can of “Web fluid,” which is essentially just wet silly string. Pressing down on the web shooter’s lever will send a barrage of string out the end, and once all the fluid has been used up, users can switch to water.

Marvel Legends Series – Black Panther Premium Electronic Role Play Helmet

Approximate Retail Price: $131.99

Certainly one for the collectors, this Marvel Legends Series Black Panther Helmet is based on the character’s appearance in Black Panther, and offers a 1:1 scale version of his iconic mask. While also being highly detailed, the helmet also includes flipable lenses, and light and sound effects.

Marvel Legends Series – Black Panther Wakanda Forever Namor Figure

Approximate Retail Price: $24.99

In October, Hasbro is set to release a range of detailed figures based on the upcoming Black Panther: Wakanda Forever movie. As well as Okoye and Nakia, Namor makes an appearance in the range. Essentially Marvel’s version of Aquaman, Namor is set to make his cinematic debut in Wakanda Forever, and this figure gives fans a good look at his comic-accurate appearance head of the movie.

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