Harvestella: How To Raise Livestock


Harvestella is an expansive world where travelers can wander, explore, farm, and discover hidden truths. It is a place where players can meet all types of in-game characters and forge friendships as they embark on a journey together.

Alongside Harvestella’s RPG and farming simulation experiences, the game offers the option to raise Livestock like Cluffowls and Woolums, as well as pets like Totokaku. This fluffy creature with large horns speeds up the transport process on the World Map making it faster to get around.


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How To Raise Livestock In Harvestella

To raise Livestock in Harvestella, players need to follow multiple steps, which are:

  1. Unlocking the Conellu Emporium
  2. Building a pen for the Livestock
  3. Purchasing Livestock Feed

How To Unlock The Conellu Emporium

the conellu emporium location in harvestella

To unlock the Conellu Emporium, players need to reach Chapter two, where a Conellu Doll can be found in Higan Canyon. Following the discovery of the small doll, a merchant will become available near Lethe Village’s fountain, marked by a Conellu Doll icon on the map.

The Conellu Emporium offers a variety of items in Harvestella that can only be bought once a day from the merchant, like:

  • Cluffowl (500 Grilla)
  • Woolum (900 Grilla)
  • Feed Maker Recipe (200 Grilla)
  • Cluffowl Feed (100 Grilla)
  • Woolum Feed (100 Grilla)
  • Totokaku Mount (4000 Grilla)
  • Totokaku Feed (2500~10000 Grilla)

However, the Totokaku Feed won’t appear on the merchant’s list until travelers purchase the Totokaku Mount, Which is a transportation method to move more rapidly on the map. Woolums and Cluffowls also won’t appear on the Conellu’s list unless players own a pen.

How To Build A Pen

renovator shop in harvestella

To build a pen, head to the Renovator located southwest of Lethe Village and ask him to build a Cluffowl or Woolum Pen, which will take a day and require the following materials:

  • 5000 Grilla
  • Five Lumbers
  • Five Hard Stones

After purchasing the Pen, travelers can exchange 500 Grilla for Cluffowls or 900 Grilla for Woolums, depending on the type of Livestock they want to raise. Keep in mind that each pen’s capacity is just three animals but it can be expanded with the next upgrades. Additionally, a Renovator can take up to one task daily, which will leave players unable of asking for more than one job per day.

Where To Purchase Livestock Feed

feed maker in harvestella

The Conellu Emporium is the only place where players can buy Livestock feed, and it costs 100 Grilla per patch of Woolum or Cluffowl feed. Alternatively, travelers have the option of saving up their Grilla by making their own feed using the Feed Maker. The machine will turn one Grass, Dress Lettuce, or Wild Leaf into four Woolums Feed, and a Carrop, Morrocorn, or Stellar Wheat into four Cluffowl Feed. This allows players to save for more important things, such as weapon upgrades, expanding their farms, or crafting other machines.

livestock intimacy window in harvestella

The Woolum produces Milk which can be converted into Cheese, while the Cluffowl produces Eggs which can be used as an ingredient for recipes in Harvestella. Other than feeding them, travelers should not forget to pet their Livestock daily to raise their intimacy. A good relationship with the Livestock will improve the quality of their product.

Harvestella is now available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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