Halo Infinite's Battle Royale Mode, Tatanka, Reportedly Switching to Unreal Engine 5


It seems Halo is planning to change its game engine to use Unreal 5 according to the most recent reports. It all started from a series of tweets from Jez Corden, where he stated that he deleted his tweets about Halo stuff because the people were ‘piling on the reporter’. He stated he will hopefully have more details during his Xbox Two podcast. He added through another tweet that if Tatanka, the name set for Halo Infinite’s Battle Royale mode, would change to Unreal, then how would progression integration work for the game.

Sean W then retweeted his tweets along with more to share on the topic. He stated that him and Jez are currently working to verify the information they have received from their sources, to get to the bottom of this. He had also spoken about Tatanka using Unreal 5 earlier and has now cleared the air by stating that his talks were clearly speculation and not facts.

Jeremy Penter then had his 2 cents to share on the topic, he stated that he can only confirm that many sources are saying that there is a definite switch in the works. He adds that it has already been decided that Halo is for sure switching to Unreal. According him, it is time for other switches too behind the scenes, including people leaving and their past problems. In his opinion Unreal is a great choice.

As of now players should consume this information with a grain of salt, as there is no official source that tells us Halo will shift their game engine to Unreal 5. Many feel that this would be a great choice for the game, but have doubts about how the campaign and battle royale mode would work together on different engines. About Tatanka, it is supposedly the name set for the Halo Infinite Battle Royale mode and it will feature Duos/Quads multi-team, around 60-100 players, Bots will be supported, Shrinking containment zones like most battle royales, Massive open-ended levels, Activities and more.


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