Halo Infinite Winter Update to Feature Forge, Campaign Co-op, New Maps, Modes and More; All You Need to Know


Following a dull phase for Xbox’s marquee title in Halo Infinite, it seems like the developers at 343 Industries are all set to rejuvenate the popular shooter title with the upcoming Winter Update, which arrives on November 8.

The update has long been touted as the big addition that fans have been begging to see in the game, which has been marred with issues related to lack of content. The upcoming update will fix many of those problems, as it’s filled with some fan-favorite modes that players have desperately wanted to try out.

For the most part, fans are quite excited to finally try out Forge, which will allow the Halo community to finally create their own multiplayer modes and maps. Featuring a variety of tools to help their creations, Forge will most likely a major role at reinvigorating the community with all kinds of content.

Other than that, Halo Infinite fans will finally have access to campaign network co-op, which will help players to play out the game’s brilliant story mode with three other members. While 343 Industries don’t have any plans for local split-screen co-op, Halo fans won’t mind having network co-op at their disposal.

Forge’s features will be at play the moment the update drops, as it features two maps created with the help of Halo’s iconic tool. The two new maps called Detachment and Argyle will allow players to try out some of the game’s new modes including Covert One-Flag. The update will also see the release of a new 30-tier free Battle Pass, which features a ton of exciting stuff.


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