Halloween: Best Characters In The Horror Franchise, Ranked


Slashers and horror franchises usually have a vast array of interesting characters. These characters are supposed to evoke emotion in an audience, to feel dread, sympathy, or joy in their inevitable demise. More often than not, these best characters are the ones that audiences root for against the horrible plight of The Shape in the Halloween franchise.

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Haddonfield has seen many interesting characters enter the town that is home to Michael Myers. What awaits them is unknown, and death could be lurking anywhere and with anything. Some of the best characters in the Halloween franchise deserve their screen time and a victory over Michael Myers.


8/8 Tommy Doyle

It’s hard to deny that part of the likability of Tommy Doyle comes from the charisma of the actor Paul Rudd. Tommy Doyle was a child in the original Halloween movie and was a victim of Michael Myers, but ultimately got away unharmed. Michael Myers even stalked Tommy and was the victim of bullying among his classmates. It makes audiences sympathize with his character, who went through pain in childhood, and trauma thanks to Michael Myers.

As an adult in the original timeline, Tommy became more reclusive and introverted because of the horrors of Michael Myers and the night of the Haddonfield murders. Despite this, Tommy remained charismatic and polite and had a great deal of respect for Dr. Loomis, as they shared a mutual bond and agreement in the demise of Michael Myers.

7/8 Lindsey Wallace

In the original Halloween, Lindsey Wallace was another child who saw the horrors of Michael Myers. Lindsey was protected by Tommy by Laurie Strode and had been thankful since. Her original babysitter that night was murdered by Michael Myers, and thanks to Annie’s decision to give Lindsey to Laurie, the young girl survived the night.

Lindsey Wallace returned in HalloweenKills, as an older version of the character. She is one of the victims that support each other after the events of the first Halloween. When the characters discover that Michael Myers has returned, they vow that evil dies tonight, and they use their combined bravery to try and end Michael Myers and face their fears.

6/8 Karen Nelson

Karen Nelson begins her entry into the Halloween franchise as an indirect victim of Michael Myers. Her mother, Laurie Strode, had never moved on from that night over 40 years ago. In turn, it made Karen intensely paranoid, all projected onto Karen. It made their relationship strained, but she did try her best to make it work. That was until Michael Myers returned to Haddonfield.

Karen Nelson seemed like the damsel but soon proved that she had taken all of the important lessons on board from Laurie. She’s a keen hand with traps and weapons and isn’t afraid to face Michael Myers alone, even if that could mean her downfall.

5/8 Rachel Carruthers

The term “final girl” is reserved for those in slasher films that survive the ending of the film. Rachel Carruthers is one of these final girls that doesn’t get included in the conversations about the most iconic final girls. Rachel has a great sense of older sibling instincts and protects her sister with immense strength and devotion. Her compassion leads her to do brave things to survive.

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Rachel Carruthers doesn’t only escape Michael Myers, but she defeats him, sadly not for good. She isn’t afraid to go toe-to-toe with him and to run him over with a car. She saved both herself and her sister, Jamie, proving that she’s a great heroine.

4/8 Allyson Nelson

Allyson Nelson is the granddaughter of Laurie Strode. She’s passionate about family and seeks a resolution between her mother and grandmother. She’s supportive of Laurie Strode and believes her at every turn. She even followed in her grandmother’s footsteps by having Michael Myers chase her when he returned and watched her friends die.

Despite the trauma of what she has seen, Allyson remains brave in the face of evil and helps her mother and grandmother try to kill Michael Myers once and for all. Even when locked in a police car, she does not give up and is desperate to get away.

3/8 Dr. Loomis

Thanks to Donald Pleasence’s commitment and talent, Dr. Loomis was brought to the big screen in multiple entries to the Halloween franchise. He’s a staple of the films and always brings his best, no matter the opinion of the movies he is involved in. Loomis was a doctor who knew exactly what Michael Myers was: pure evil.

Dr. Loomis saw no redeeming factors in Michael Myers, and he was right. The good doctor knew that death follows Michael Myers, and he is the reaper. The character even takes up a gun in multiple entries to try and kill Michael Myers and end the horrors that plague the night in his name.

2/8 Laurie Strode

Laurie Strode is the defining character for the “final girl” trope. She began it all, and all whilst being a babysitter in school. She was a fierce and brave protector of Lindsey and Tommy, two defenseless children. Laurie has witnessed her friend’s murders at the hands of Michael Myers and has survived multiple of his attacks until one day; she became the hunter, not the hunted.

Laurie Strode takes the fight to Michael Myers and demands that his evil ends. She may have spent the events of HalloweenKills recovering in the hospital due to the attacks from Michael Myers, but she is back with an even deeper vengeance in HalloweenEnds, where many roots for her success, something she deserves.

1/8 Michael Myers

The central character of the Halloween franchise, and the main antagonist. Michael Myers is the incarnation of Halloween. He’s referred to as many things in the films, from The Shape to the Boogeyman. But, what Michael Myers is, is evil incarnate, with an awesome and spooky theme to go alongside him.

Michael Myers has no drive for anything other than murder, and he is damn good at it. Michael Myers is an iconic slasher character that kills with anything he can get his hands on. The sequels even saw the character delve into the supernatural. Understanding Michael Myers’ psyche is impossible, as he lusts only for murder.

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