Guidus Pixel Roguelike RPG


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Greetings mechanics and tinkerers!

Delve into the deep dungeons with: Guidus
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Today’s game doesn’t have a title screen and throws you straight into the main camp. As you progress through the game, you save more people for your main camp. I do not know how many people there are to save but they each seem to have a specific function in the game.

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You can click on the campfire you can change your class. You can unlock a random class by spending 1000 gold coins. You can also raise the initial level by paying coins as well. You also have a chance to watch a video to gain a free class or soul as the game calls them.

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Across the bottom screen are buttons that lead to subscreens. The first one I will talk about late. The second one seems to be linked to a character you rescue later. I assume this NPC will catalog every enemy that you fight like pokemon. 

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The third button is your active inventory. This is where any keys and potions you find. Anything else you find in the dungeon will also go here as well.

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When you click on the pause button you get to see all the options. This game comes in several languages out of the box which is surprising for a mobile game.

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The second option screen allows you to manage push notifications and cloud saving.

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The first button is a special list of equipment that gives you boosts when you defeat bosses. These are permanent boosts among all playthroughs.

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If you manage to make it through an area and beat a boss, you get to see a victory screen and you return to the camp. Even if you lose you keep the gold you find. Along the way, you can find special artifacts that give you a major boost just for the current run like Binding of Issac.

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To move around is simple with the cross button. you move around and everything happens on a step-by-step basis. Like a game from sega genesis called Fatal Labyrinth. You move around from stairs to stairs as you go deeper into the dungeons. You can hold the arrow button to do a charge attack or special move based on what creature you have.

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After you beat the tutorial you unlock the princess. When you click on her you go to the shop. Here you can watch options ads to gain bonus coins or a time skip.

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You unlock this screen when you visit the fox NPC. This screen shows you all of the artifacts you have found before and a description detailing what they do.

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And just for fun, the Shaman fox NPC to show off the level of detail in the pixel art.


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 5 of 5 cogs.

Overall, this game is a lot of fun and brings back memories of similar games to this. There is a lot to explore and find in this game as I haven’t even scratched the surface of the game.


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There is a lot of story in this game that you seem to learn as you continue on. I haven’t even made it through the second area yet because this game is so vast.

Amount of ads:


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The game has a banner at the bottom of the screen that always displays while you are online. Beyond that, there are only optional ads for various bonuses.

Accurate Advertising?:


I do not recall watching any ads for this game as I think I found this game just randomly on the play storefront page.


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This game has a lot of great pixel art and it’s pretty easy to make out what creatures are. The hud assets and menus have a nice feel of older RPG games.


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The game is pretty basic and simple. Everything happens on a step by step, but unlike Fatal Labyrinth, the enemies still move around on their own.

Free play:


Yup, you can easily play everything you want on this game with no paywalls or energy limits.

Fun factor:

🔪 Rouge-like.

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