Guide on Phoenix — a universal soldier among duelists


Continuing our series of guides on agents in VALORANT. This time we decided to stop at the signature duelist — Phoenix. As the majority of agents, he appeared in the game when the beta test was released. However, over time, Phoenix remains in high demand among players on both the competitive stage and matchmaking.

The main reason of this popularity could lie in his remarkable skillset. First of all, Phoenix can blind opponents. Secondly, “Hot Hands” help to damage them. Thirdly, Phoenix also blocks the positions with fire walls. And the most noteworthy is that the passive ability recovers the agent’s health as soon as they get affected by the fire.

So, Phoenix is a unique soldier whose abilities are as useful in atack as they are in defense. Alongside, he is a typical duelist who performs as the main fire power of the team.

In this material, we are talking about Phoenix, who has a curious skillset, and will also tell how to use the agent’s skills efficiently for victory.

Phoenix’s skillset


Guide on Phoenix — a universal soldier among duelists. Photo 1

Buying the ability that is represented by a fire ball that blinds opponents. The principle of the work of Curveball is very simple as the ball resembles a flash grenade.

The same as in the case with a flash, Curveball can blind not only an opponent but also Phoenix or even his teammates. Nevertheless, if you use the skill properly, it will help to eliminate the opponent without any risk and open a point.

However, you should take into account that the agent is capable of throwing the ball only to the left or right.

How to control: Press the skill key to activate the fire ball. While getting open, it blinds all players that looked at it. Press LMB to curve a flare orb to the left and RMB — to the right.

Key features:

  • Cost — 250 credits
  • Amount — two charges
  • Activated when the skill key is pressed
  • Flash delay — 0,5 second
  • Flash duration — 5 seconds

Hot Hands

Guide on Phoenix — a universal soldier among duelists. Photo 2

The signature skill of the agent that enables releasing a fireball. Having landed on the earth, the sphere opens and forms an area captured by fire that damages opponents that got into the zone.

The principle of the work of the Hot Hands skill resembles an incendiary grenade. However, there is an interesting exception as Phoenix possesses a passive skill that enables recovering of health while being affected by the fire in the area.


As the skill is a signature one, there are conditions of its recharge. A player will need to do two kills and get the same number of assists.

We can say that Hot Hands can be used in two cases: 1) to smoke the opponent out of the corner; 2) to urgently restore the health after shooting.

How to control: Press LMB to release a fireball. While getting open, it forms an area captured by fire that damages the opponent intermittently.

Key features:

  • Cost — free
  • Amount — one
  • Duration — 4 seconds
  • Damage — 15 HP every 0,25 second
  • Speed of health recovery — 1 HP every 0,08 second
  • Maximum healing — 50 HP
  • Conditions for a recharge — two kills and two assists


Guide on Phoenix — a universal soldier among duelists. Photo 3

This ability releases a flame wall that not only impairs vision of the opponent but also damages players that pass through it. As well as in the case with Hot Hands, Blaze restores Phoenix’s health.

We should not forget that when the ability is activated, the player will be able to curve the wall to conceal the most important parts of the map. For instance, Blaze can be used to hide a teammate that is setting or neutralizing the spike.

However, if Blaze blocks vision of the opponents, the skill does not stop bullets. So, you should be careful if the opponent decides to shoot the position through the flame wall.

How to control: Press LMB to release the flame that forms a wall and damages the opponents intermittently. Hold LMB to curve the wall towards the aim.

Key features:

  • Cost — 150 credits
  • Amount — one
  • Duration — 8 seconds
  • Damage — 1 HP every 0,033 second
  • Speed of health recovery — 1 HP every 0,16 second
  • Maximum recovery — 50 HP

Run it Back

Guide on Phoenix — a universal soldier among duelists. Photo 4

The ultimate skill that is available for the players after receiving 6 points. When activated, Phoenix’s skills synchronize with the area that enables returning to the point after death or when the skill wears off.

To put it differently, Run it Back enables a player to get a second chance while accessing the point quickly or return to the previous position, having explored the location.

If we go into details of the skill, Phoenix creates a kind of clone of himself who is controlled by the players. Besides, the clone that dies in a shooting does not influence the amount of health and armor of the original Phoenix.

How to control: Activate the skill on any place of the map to create a double. If the time of the skill has run out or Phoenix has died while it’s active, the player respawns in the point where the skill was activated with a whole health reserve.

Key features:

  • Cost — 6 points
  • Duration — 10 seconds
  • Duration of respawn animation — 1 second
  • Opposite effect — returns with the full health reserve and charged weapon

How to play Phoenix right

Phoenix, as the other duellists, are suitable for the players who aim at finishing the round rapidly and finding a start shooting as soon as possible. However, the skill set of the agents makes him very universal, helping him in different situations.

They help the player not only to make fast attacks with the help of Curve Ball and Hot Hands. Also, Blaze assists in blocking the positions and depriving the opponents of important points on the map.

Main tips that can help to play Phoenix properly:

  • Do not forget that the skills can not only damage the opponents but also heal Phoenix himself. So, in some cases it’s worth using a passive skill of the agent and avoiding dangerous shootings with a low level of health.
  • After the ultimate skill is activated, the ground will be captured by fire. This moment should be taken into account as opponents can easily notice the flame and use the moment for their own interest. For instance, they can lie low somewhere to wait till the skill wears off.
  • Remember that Curveball blinds not only opponents but also teammates. So, do not use the skill while taking the point with the second tempo.

Phoenix is a rather simple agent to master. However, you should take into account the principle of action of each skill and know all advantages and disadvantages not to hurt your team.

Still, the agent is quite universal which results in a huge hype around Phoenix. We cannot say that he is the first choice among duelists but Phoenix is definitely worth attention thanks to his skillset, recovery abilities and low cost of the ultimate skill.


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