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We offer our series of materials that is devoted to the present agents in VALORANT. Now the time has come to speak about Neon — the latest added duelist. The main advantage of the character is her speed that helps Neon to catch her opponents off guard.

Therefore, there is a unique agent at your disposal that is a prefect fost for advanced players thanks to her class. However, Neon can not only run fast but also use other tricks that are wired to bioelectric charge. Particularly, the agent is able to create obstacles that block the view, cause damage, and deafen the opponents.

In other words, Neon is a great duelist that can determine the outcome of a round on her own or help the team to achieve their common goal — to win the round.

That is why we want to talk about Neon — to tell about the agent’s abilities and give a few tips for a great game.

List of Neon’s abilities

High Gear

Let’s start with her signature ability that is available for a player at the start of each round. High Gear assisted Neon in becoming especially popular among fans of the game.

We should not dwell on the description of the ability as High Gear enables the agent to develop high speed and cover long distances, outpacing her foes.

Therefore, Neon can break timings on the map and surprise the opponents. But it is crucial to remember that during the runs the player is unable to shoot and is extremely vulnerable to the opponents.

So, High Gear has one important task — taking up space at early timings and helping the team to distract the opponents. Besides, Neon can slide while running, avoiding open spaces and fired bullets. Moreover, after sliding Neon gets an animation that prevents choosing weapons for shooting.

Also, we should pay attention to energy consumption for a Neon’s sprint. As soon as her supply runs out, the ability resets and the agent carries on moving with a constant speed, Sliding recharges after every two kills, so we cannot count on repeated use of the passive skill.

How to play: Press the ability button to charge the energy and develop the speed of movement. Being in movement, press RBM to slide.

Key features:

  • Cost — free
  • Stamina — 100
  • Stamina consumption — 10 in a second
  • Speed of stamina restoration — 1,6 in a second
  • Duration of the animation while picking weapon equipment — 0,6 second

Relay Bolt

Guide on Neon — Fastest Agent in VALORANT. Photo 2

The next ability has to be purchased at the beginning of each round. Relay Bolt helps Neon to stun the opponents, releasing an electric charge on the ground.

And the charge can bounce from walls, clearing several positions on the map at once. Therefore, the player has an effective ability that is necessary for taking important parts of the location.

For starters, Neon can release Relay Bolt while protecting the Spike, anticipating explosion of the foes. Secondly, the players will be able to use the ability during attack on the plant to dishearten the foes and give her team an advantage in the shooting.

Considering the quantity of available charges (two), Neon can stun up to four opponents. However, it is essential to use the location and choose a diagonal in a way that will help present the main advantages of the skill and to release the charge to all goals.

How to play: Press the ability button to release the energy charge that bounces from a surface once. When the charge touches the surface, the ground underneath gets electrified, forming a deafening explosion.


Key features:

  • Cost — 200 credits
  • Quantity — two
  • Duration of the stunning effect — 2,8 seconds
  • Lag before a charge — 1,1 second

Fast Lane

Guide on Neon — Fastest Agent in VALORANT. Photo 3

A very interesting ability that Neon also has to buy at the beginning of each round. However, it will help the player to cover two sides at the same time, clearing that way for her further movement.

Here you should pay attention to two things. The first is that the relay bolt blocks the vision but does not protect from bullets. The second is that opponents who have gone through the energy wall, get period damage.

The ability is especially efficient during fast occupation of the plant for setting the spike up as she blocks two sides and frees that way for the team.

However, the released energy causes damage to teammates as well, so you should be especially careful while activating the ability not to cause harm to her teammates.

Also, you have to take into account the geometry of the location as Fast Lane is limited to the height of the barriers. So, the opponent on a hill would be able to easily declassify your movements and destroy the strategy.

How to play: Press the ability button to release two parallel energy lines. The lines expand to small distances or to the closest surface and later shape two energy barriers that block the view and cause damage to the opponents that come through.

Key features:

  • Cost — 200 credits
  • Quantity — one
  • Duration of animation — 1 team
  • Duration — 5,75 seconds


Guide on Neon — Fastest Agent in VALORANT. Photo 4

The ultimate ability that becomes available for the players after collecting 7 points. Overdrive resembles Jett’s ultimate ability with her blades, as in this case Neon activates the power and speed, turning the energy into an electric ray with high precision.

In other words, the player can run around the map and shoot foes without using of riffles and guns. The fact that Neon can run, shooting an electric ray, makes the agent a very difficult aim for tracking and offsetting it with the fact that the ability cannot cause instant lethal damage.

However, with a great skill and strategy the ultimate ability can become a key to success in the round as Neon prolongs the time of action of the skill after each kill.

Key features:

  • Cost — 7 points
  • Increasing stamina after each murder — 100
  • Fire rate — 20 per second
  • Reload speed — 20 shots per second
  • Damage 0-15m (head/ core/ leg) — 54/ 18/ 15
  • Damage 20-42m (head/ core/ leg) — 54-30/ 18-10/ 15-8
  • Damage 42+m (head/ core/ leg) — 30/ 10/ 8

How to play Neon

Summing all abilities up, the agent is extremely useful for building fast rounds and occupying important positions at the early timings. Neon can cope with opponents efficiently on her own or together with teammates.

Such abilities as Fast Lane and Relay Bolt make the agent universal while the ultimate ability is especially effective in clutch situations when the player is left alone against several opponents.

Main tips that will help to play Neon right:

  • Duration of the ultimate ability Overdrive is wired to the energy supply that is consumed while using High Gear. You can switch from the ultimate ability to your weapon, however, if you do it, the energy supply will be used till it runs out.
  • Use High Gear to occupy the positions and outflank your opponents. Remember that Neon will take some time for the animation before they get hold of the weapon.
  • While using High Gear, Neon can slide only once but you will need two kills to recharge.
  • Keep an eye on energy consumption while using the ultimate ability Overdrive. So you should not use the skill at the beginning of the round.

Overall, Neon is a great agent whose abilities are wired to speed. Therefore, the player will have to be confident and feel timings to find foes and take advantage.

However, do not forget that any game is accompanied by risks. So, it is vital to communicate with teammates to use the whole array of the abilities.


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