Guide on Chamber — Main Sentinel Agent From VALORANT


We continue our series of articles devoted to agents from VALORANT. The time has come to speak about Chamber — a nearly irreplaceable character who has gone through several nerfs but remained the main sniper of the competitive stage.

Using his skills, the agent can vanish foes quickly and also think about steps for retreatment in case of failure. Rounding Chamber’s skills up, the character earned wide recognition thanks to his outstanding skills. Falling into right hands, the agent becomes a deadly weapon and a key to the team’s victory.

Nevertheless, the developers have actively worked on the agent’s balance which led to recent nerds that reduced Chamber’ efficiency a little. However, the agent is still in the pool of many team as his skills are perfect for snipers.

That is why we offer to talk about Chamber — to look at details of the agent’s abilities and give a few tips for a good game.

List of Chamber’s abilities


A default ability that is given to the player at the beginning of each round. Randezvous helps Chamber to place two anchors that can later be used to teleport.

In other words, the agent can move in spaces manoeuvring between positions. Using the skill, Chamber can hide from shooting, having explored the necessary place.

In fact, Randezvous is a very useful thing when the player has to escape from the shooting place if their shot has failed. The main advantage of the ability is the fact that Chamber can teleport multiple times during the round and also move anchors around the map.

However, before teleportation the player has to wait 30 seconds. But these changes do not interfere with professional usage of Randezvous and benefit from fast transportation.

How to play: Place two teleport anchors on the ground. Being in the area of action, press the ability button to move between positions.

Key features:

  • Cost — free
  • Quantity — one
  • Teleportation lag — 0,1 second
  • Duration of animation — 1,2 seconds
  • Recharge — 30 seconds
  • Radius of use — 13 meters
  • Equipment time — 0,7 second
  • Health — 50 HP


Guide on Chamber — Main Sentinel Agent From VALORANT. Photo 2

The next ability doesn’t need to be purchased at the beginning of each round but you have to pay for shots. Nevertheless, Headhunter is one of the distinctive abilities of the agents as it equips Chamber with a heavy gun.

In fact, при this ability helps the player to do without purchasing an additional gun. But the damage of the heavy gun is compared to rifles. You should not forget that any headshot will be deadly for the opponent.

As Headhunter is different with high damage the gun gives a chance to aim to increase the chance to hit the aim in any distance.

However, the player has to remember that any bullet costs 150 credits so you should keep a close eye on shooting and try not to miss. Chamber can do only eight shots and after that the heavy gun disappears and the ability is inactive.

How to play: Press the ability button to equip with a heavy weapon. While shooting, the player spends 150 credits.

Key features:

  • Cost — 150 credits per shot
  • Quantity — 4 shots per second/ 8 shots maximum
  • Damage (head/ body/ legs) — 159/ 55/ 46


Guide on Chamber — Main Sentinel Agent From VALORANT. Photo 3

This ability enables the player to release a trap that helps to discover and slow down opponents. As soon as enemies get into the zone where the trap is released, it works and after a lag destabilizes a small area.

Unlike Alarmbot, Trademark is seen by opponents and if the trap is poorly hidden, it can be destroyed. Nevertheless, the radius of action is her advantage as it converts a bigger space.

However, if Chamber used to be able to use two traps, the recent update reduces the number and increased the price. Therefore, the player needs to use Trademark wisely and understand where opponents are situated.

How to play: Press the ability button to release the trap that detects and slows down the opponents that got to the radius of action.

Key features:

  • Cost — 200 credits
  • Quantity — one
  • Starting time of action — 4 seconds
  • Detection lag — 0,9 second
  • Duration of slowdown effect — 4 seconds
  • Health — 20 HP

Tour De Force

Guide on Chamber — Main Sentinel Agent From VALORANT. Photo 4

The ultimate ability that is available for the player after scoring eight points. Activating Tour De Force, the player gets a powerful sniper rifle that can kill an enemy with any direct hit.

This ability made Chamber famous on the professional stage and among regular gamers. It led to the point that the agent has become the favorite pick for snipers who used Tour De Force in difficult rounds.

The same as in the case with other abilities, the ultimate skill has gone through changes. For starters, the developers increased the price. Secondly, they changed other characteristics to improve the balance of the agent himself.

An advantage of Tour De Force is not only lethality of the shot but also a side effect that slows down the foes who got to the action areas after death of allies. We should also remember that Chamber can do five shots which is sufficient for a great sniper.

How to play: Press the ability button to equip a sniper rifle that can kill the opponent with an accurate shot.

Key features:

  • Cost — 8 points
  • Quantity — 5 shots
  • Duration of the effect — 4 seconds
  • Damage (head/ body/ legs) — 255/ 150/ 127

How to play Chamber right

As Chamber is a deadly agent, he is especially popular among snipers. Considering the skill set, the player must rely on his accuracy and not be afraid of shooting. Therefore, the more often the player takes a risk, the more opportunities the player gives to his team.

Main tips that can help to play as Chamber:

  • Use Randezvous to climb an elevation. Place an anchor on any box or generator to teleport and surprise their opponents.
  • Do not forget to combine abilities. For example, Chamber can use Randezvous with Tour De Force to teleport from open positions in case of a miss.

Chamber has a difficult skillset and most of them are wired into mechanical skills of the player himself. As the agent can successfully vanquish opponents with the abilities, he can determine the destiny of rounds at first seconds.

Nevertheless, Chamber is unlikely to be called a team player as his skills are hard to be combined with teammates’.

Summing up, Chamber will appeal to the players who count on their accuracy and are not afraid of looking for kills. But it there are no difficulties with the abilities, the player will still have to learn all timings and interesting setups to use all the benefits of the agent.


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