GTA: Rockstar Reportedly Turned Down a Movie Involving Top Gun Director Tony Scott and Eminem


Some exciting details about Rockstar’s past have been revealed. It seems that there were talks about a GTA movie, which never saw the light of day. This movie would have starred none other than Eminem, along with Tony Scott, the director behind the 1986 blockbuster, Top Gun.

Spotted by VideoGamesChronicle, Kirk Ewing, co-founder and CEO of Veemee, spoke about the movie on the Bugzy Malone’s Grandest Game podcast. The franchise was at an astronomical level in terms of popularity at the time, and many industries wanted to cash in on its success, most notable being the movie industry.

In the podcast, Ewing states that he tracked down Sam Houser, the president of Rockstar to talk about a GTA movie tie in with him for an entire night. This was only possible thanks to the relationship he had built with the company and Houser himself.

This conversation took place right after the release of Grand Theft Auto III. Kirk then went on to narrate an incident that took place during that time. All the big players in the industry wanted a piece of the GTA cake, and one of the producers called Ewing at 4 AM, to talk about a possible film.

The producer got straight to the point and told Kirk that they had one of the biggest personalities of all time to star in the movie, Eminem. Moreover, they also had one of the most popular directors of that time, Tony Scott, ready to direct the film.

Ewing instantly went over to Houser to relay this information. But to his dismay, Houser immediately rejected all ideas about creating a GTA Movie, as he had realized that the media franchise Rockstar Games had created was bigger than any movie at that time. So, he stuck to his guts and decided to not make any films about the game.


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