GTA 5: Players to Kill at Least 96 People to Complete the Single Player Campaign; All You Need to Know


Even though GTA 5 released nearly a decade ago, one of its most important questions were recently answered by a popular YouTuber.

The creator in question is DarkViperAU, who recently completed a three-year adventure he undertook upon himself to complete the Rockstar title in a pacifist run.

For people unfamiliar with the concept, pacifist runs require players to withhold their urges to kill someone. This includes pedestrians or antagonists. However, in a blood-thirsty game like Grand Theft Auto V, DarkViperAU found out that some kills are quite necessary after all.

In the final episode of his three-year pacifist series, DarkViperAU confirmed that he required the deaths of 96 characters, which he couldn’t avoid without further advancing in the story.

In any other game, 96 feels like a lot of deaths. However, the number remains quite small in comparison to an average GTA 5 run. The Rockstar franchise has been known for its share of explosive and mass murder sprees that players can go on by buying a few weapons and explosives.

Along with that, we have all gone through some quite rash driving, which shouldn’t be viewed by our driver’s license instructors. Nevertheless, it’s pretty safe to say that funny deaths and accidents form a major crux of the Grand Theft Auto V experience.

And this is why, the pacifist run brings a truckload of challenges, as DarkViperAU needed around three years to figure out different ways to avoid killing someone. In the end, even with all his methods, he still has enough deaths on his hand that might keep him in prison for the rest of his life if it were to happen in real life.


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