Great First-Person Shooters On Steam That Deserve More Attention


The genre of first-person shooters goes back to 1992 when Wolfenstein 3D made its way to the DOS. At the time, it was one of the most innovative games in terms of graphics and gameplay, as most other titles on Nintendo and DOS were either 2D platformers, role-playing games, or puzzle games.

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However, things have changed over time, as the genre of FPS is currently one of the most saturated ones in the market. From theCall Of Duty series toValorant, every major multiplayer game is seemingly a first-person shooter. Hence, it’s shocking that a few great FPS games on Steam are so underrated. The criteria for this list is older games need to have 3000 reviews or fewer, while newer games need 500 or less. Let’s take a look at some of these hidden gems.



ADACA is a relatively new first-person shooter that came out in July 2022. It’s an old-school game where the main character is stuck on a bizarre planet named ADACA. In this game, players must survive, uncover secrets and explore the massive open world full of details.

The game offers a lot of weapons and a story-driven campaign as it is strictly an action-adventure single-player title. A few things that make this one stand apart are the in-game abilities, such as the “GRAVITY-MANIPULATING arm,” which lets players pick up objects in the environment and use them to their advantage.

9 Animalistic

Animalistic is a Steam early access first-person shooter somewhat similar to the popular FEAR titles in gunplay. The game offers a lot of blood & gore, which pops out due to its unique psychedelic art style that is hard to find in FPS games nowadays.

Steam info describes the game as “a fast-paced, ultraviolent, and stylish indie FPS game where you brutally clear room after room of creepy humanoid animals.” Animalistic has a few qualities that make it a worthwhile title, such as 13 handcrafted levels, custom soundtracks, and other details.

8 Nighthunt

On the surface, Nighthunt looks like a knock-off of Propnight, as both the games offer online PvP and have horror elements. However, the similarities between the two games end with the two details mentioned before. Nighthunt is an FPS game that is more about action and 3v3 stealth-based gameplay than about hiding from a monster.

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In this game, players will have to collaborate to defeat the opponents and use unique weapons available at their disposal. The best thing about Nighthunt is its general concept: one team defends the base while the other tries to infiltrate and steal the radio antenna.

7 Heal & Hurt

Next up is Heal & Hurt from indie developer Normogames. This multiplayer first-person game is a retro-style arena shooter with old-school graphics that can make any 90s gamer feel like a kid again. Heal & Hurt allows players to become an angel and a skeleton and switch between them.

The game’s concept is unique as players will switch sides each time they die in a round. Since angels and skeletons operate completely differently, players will have to be on their toes about changing their play style every time they respawn.

6 Severed Steel

Like Heal & Hurt, Severed Steel is a run-and-gun shooter all about action. However, unlike the previous entry, this one is more Sci-fi than medieval and a single-player experience. In Severed Steel, players must master multiple skills such as bullet time control and swapping to the right guns for maximum carnage.

The game’s concept relies on player movement and reflexes, which makes it quite similar to other titles such as Unreal Tournament. Severed Steel is a relatively new fps game that deserves more attention for its “destructible voxel environments” based gameplay.

5 Ctrl Alt Ego

Ctrl Alt Ego is a nonlinear immersive sim fps game that appeared on Steam in July 2022. It is a rare first-person experience that blends sci-fi elements with physics-based survival-type gameplay. The game’s concept is unique as players must move their consciousness between robots and devices and understand their powers to progress in the story.

The game’s advertised features include exploring a nonlinear and interconnected world, a darkly farcical story, and puzzle solving with no preordained solution. Even Kotaku has praised Ctrl Alt Ego by saying, “Utterly incredible just how differently almost every situation can be approached.”

4 Project Warlock 2

Project Warlock II is a Steam early access title, an old-school shooter with DOOM-like gameplay. The first-person shooter is a single-player game that heavily focuses on giving players the most gore-filled gameplay with vintage visuals. Developer Buckshot Software describes Project Warlock II as an “Adrenaline-pumping gore retro funhouse” full of weapons, magic, monsters, vertical arenas, and heavy metal music.

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The game officially claims to take inspiration from FPS classics such as Quake and Doom 64, which is a big reason it looks and plays like a true 90s first-person action shooter.

3 Voltage High Society

Voltage High Society is an old-school cyberpunk game reminiscent of classics such as System Shock. It’s a single-player title that claims to be the ultimate “First-person Metroidvania,” where players battle and explore a deteriorated metropolis ruled by cybernetic demons.

In Voltage High Society, players must find unique upgrades and weapons to progress in the story and unlock hard-to-reach areas. Steam info states that the retro title contains “Cyberpunk and bodyhorror with gritty retro aesthetics,” which is visible from its unique visual style that includes a lot of red and greys.

2 Blood And Zombies

Blood And Zombies is probably the most modern-looking title on the list, as it offers a visual style similar to the popular Killing Floor games. Moreover, the gameplay is comparable to other popular zombie shooters and includes a lot of gore identical to titles such as Left 4 Dead.

Blood And Zombies is a co-op shooter that revolves around surviving among the dead in a horrific zombie apocalypse. Players assume control of humanity’s deadliest survivor in the game, who can defend against any wave of enemies using guns, turrets, and skills.

1 Aliens Vs. Ghosts

Aliens vs. Ghosts is an early access single-player game that stands out because of its stunning neon visual style and sci-fi gunplay mechanics. It’s a simple action shooter where players use “Nukes, Electricity, Freeze Rays, Heat Rays and powerful Minions” to beat all the Ghosts.

Aliens vs. Ghosts is a wave-based shooter that demands quick reflexes and gun-switching abilities. It is a game that contains epic boss fights, unique skills such as summoning powers, multiple classes, and tons of upgrades. However, the best part about this game is its indie vibe, which makes it stand apart from the rest.

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