Grand Theft Auto: Take-Two Explains Why the Mobile Version of the AAA Video Game Does Not Exist Yet


During a spotlight conversation on TheWrap with Strauss Zelnick, chairman and chief executive officer of Take-Two Interactive, we learned more about their plans for mobile gaming. The conversation started off with one of the biggest acquisitions in the history of gaming, where Take-Two acquired Zynga for a whopping $12.7 billion. Zelnick talked about why this was an important move for the company.

He stated that Take-Two already rules the PC and console space with the best collection of IPs on the respective platforms; however, they weren’t as active on the fastest growing platform, mobile gaming. The move for Zynga was made as the company was very similar to Take-Two culturally and also had an existing presence in the mobile gaming market. Mobile gaming will help Take-Two Interactive tap into a wider audience, and the acquisition of Zynga made this easier.

Later on, the editor-in-chief of TheWrap, Sharon Waxman, asked Zelnick whether all traditional titles of Take-Two will be making it to the mobile gaming platform, to which he replied ‘certainly not’. He added, not every intellectual property belongs in the mobile gaming sphere and in the same way not every title belongs in the console gaming sphere. Moreover, he was asked about what specific titles can we expect through this acquisition, to which he replied that they do not announce titles until they are ready to be launched. He added that the team is looking over their entire portfolio and finding out which core IPs would be a perfect match for the new platform.

Zelnick then went on to talk about one of their competitors that have absolutely killed it in the mobile gaming industry, which is Call of Duty. He stated that the game performed exceptionally in the market and proved to be successful against all odds. He added that taking an intellectual property from one platform to another is a very difficult task, but Take-Two plans on taking it up selectively and in a focused manner, but they won’t do it across the board. You check out the full interview below:


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