Gotham Knights: Things About Nightwing The Game Changes From The Comics


Dick Grayson has gone through quite the character development in DC Comics. He is one of their oldest characters and started as their youngest. Dick Grayson was the first Robin, the original Boy Wonder, who after tragically losing his parents, was adopted by Bruce Wayne and helped in Batman’s war in Gotham City.

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With every adaption, things alter in slight ways so that these characters are the same, but with creative differences that help the developers tell their own story with iconic DC Comics characters. Nightwing features in Gotham Knights as the same quipping hero, but with a few differences between Gotham Knights and DC Comics.


6/6 Never Reconciled With Bruce

Nightwing and Batman certainly had their differences for a while. The two would argue and disagree constantly when Dick Grayson was growing up as Robin until the duo had enough, and Dick Grayson left Gotham for Bludhaven and took on his own identity of Nightwing. It wasn’t long before the two reconciled, and the adoptive father and son duo had a great relationship again.

When Dick Grayson returns to Gotham after the death of Batman, he is notably more upset than the others. Not only was Dick the adoptive son of Bruce Wayne, but he recalls that before Batman died, they never reconciled. The last conversation they had was an argument, which Dick greatly regrets.

5/6 Doesn’t Think He Deserves To Be Batman

Gotham City needs Batman, so in his death, the people need a symbol, and the criminals need something to fear. Without Batman, Gotham falls, which is why the title of Batman is a mantle, and behind the mask could be anyone. In Bruce Wayne’s absence or death, Dick Grayson always takes the mantle of Batman, and he had a great run of Batman in DC Comics.

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In the Belfry, the Bat Family salvaged what is left of Batman’s armor, which was destroyed in an explosion for his final battle before death. Dick Grayson can be found staring at the destroyed Batman cowl, in which he doubts himself, and cannot accept that he will be the next Batman.

4/6 Bisexual In Gotham Knights Canon

Although it has yet to be officially made canon in the DC Universe, many fans express interest in Dick Grayson being bisexual. Recently in the comics, Tim Drake came out as bisexual, but Nightwing has not. He has had plenty of relationships with characters in the DC Universe, but nothing about his bisexuality has been explored by writers and artists.

Dick Grayson can be found in the Belfry drinking out of a Bludhaven mug, but this mug is no ordinary one. For it does not feature just a simple sunset behind the city, but the colors that feature on the bisexual flag, thus implying that in Gotham Knights, Nightwing is bisexual. This is also further hinted at in an interview found in the emails on Gotham Knights, Dick says he does not have a type and thinks all people are beautiful.

3/6 Uses A Glider

Traversing through Gotham City is no easy task. There are many districts around Gotham, with plenty of skyscrapers along the way. Usually, in the comics, characters are found already in location or using the classic grapple gun to get from place to place.

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Luckily for fans of movement, Gotham Knights feature plenty of ways to move around. Players can drive motorcycles for the Bat Family to ride through the streets. Or, exclusively to Nightwing, players can use a glider, that looks and feels very much like Fortnite, but instead of a victory royale, they can unleash a vigilante fury on the criminals below. That is, as soon as they land the glider.

2/6 Batman’s Ally In The Court Of Owls Saga

From the first issue of Batman in the New 52, Dick Grayson plays an important role. Not only is he sporting a new outfit with a red color scheme, but he is helping Batman solve the mysterious murders that are being committed by a strange and yet unknown organization. This organization is later found to be the Court of Owls.

Whereas the comics feature a greater mystery and teamwork between Batman and Nightwing, Gotham Knights feature just the latter. Batman is dead, and Nightwing must lead the war against the Court of Owls.

1/6 History With Harley Quinn

When Harley Quinn is involved, trouble is usually afoot. Although her mind is a pit of mayhem, it is certainly far from stupid. Gotham Knights indulges in the intellect of Harley Quinn, and as Nightwing goes to visit her Blackgate cell, audiences are aware that the two share something of a history. It may be banter, or something more because their behavior toward one another is personal.

In Gotham Knights, Harley Quinn comments on Nightwing’s butt, and how he should eat more, while Nightwing says how good it is to see her again, and calls her “Harls.” In the comics, Nightwing is less than pleased to see Harley Quinn, for she is far too quirky and violent for his liking.

Gotham Knights are available now on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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