Gotham Knights Needs To Have Variety in Its Side Missions


Gotham Knights is set to take over from the Arkham Series and give fans a new Gotham City filled with rich lore and places to explore. One of the best things about the Arkham Series was the amount of content added into a single game, allowing players to take a break from the main quest line and complete things like the AR Challenges or side missions about various villains. This variety in things to do outside the main storyline should be brought into Gotham Knights to give players more content and a break from the Court of Owls investigation.


The Arkham Series was hugely successful for several reasons, one of them being how it brought together so many of Batman’s greatest villains, from the Penguin and the Joker to Harley Quinn and even Calendar Man. The villains are a key part of Batman’s stories, with his rogue gallery having more fan-favorite foes than any other superhero, but the AR Challenges also gave players something else to do between missions. So, not only would including multiple villains that are introduced through side quests be a good way to give players more to do and provide some insight into what the villains think of Batman’s death, but the AR Challenges could return, having been left behind by Batman as a part of the Code Black protocol seen during the world premiere trailer of Gotham Knights.

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Villain Side Missions

One of the best features of the Arkham Series needs to make its way into the upcoming Gotham Knights and help introduce the new set of villains in the game. The Arkham Series gave players the chance to defeat the likes of Hush, The Mad Hatter, and Ra’s al Ghul, furthering the lore within the series and giving players a lot more to do. Including this style of mission in Gotham Knights would be perfect since it stands to reason that more Batman villains will come out of the shadows following the death of the Caped Crusader, confident that they can take out the rest of the Bat Family.

There are also many villains that could be included in the upcoming Gotham Knights through this side mission system, each of which could give players further insights into the four members of the Bat Family. Lady Shiva would be a perfect villain for Robin and could be used to help explore his time with the Teen Titans, while Nightwing’s rivalry with Blockbuster would also be a great addition to the game. Red Hood could once again go up against Ma Gunn, while Batgirl could be pitted up against the likes of Poison Ivy, who many fans have wanted to see in the upcoming game.

Challenges and Rewards

Apart from missions, Gotham Knights should also include several challenges scattered throughout the world, each giving players a new skill, such as grapple boosts, or a new gadget that Batman was developing. This style of challenge would make for an interesting addition to the game since it would show clear development for the Bat Family members as they adjust to crime fighting without Batman. While the challenges may not hold as much hidden lore as side missions, they could give players a better understanding of the map and the traversal or fighting skills that they can learn throughout the game.

Arkham City had a great challenge with AR Challenges unlocking a better grapple boost for Batman, and while the challenges are straightforward, they get progressively harder. These challenges can move away from the mission structure and give players a sequence that may not impact the story or world-building itself, but could make life easier for through acquired skills. From improvements for the unique traversal systems of the Bat Family members to unlocking different finishing moves, the challenges could add a new level of enjoyment for many players.

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Exploration Events

Gotham Knights should also take a page out of Marvel’s Spider-Man and include certain events that show up as the player explores Gotham City. These events could be crimes or even a citizen reaching out for help and could give players a challenge as they attempt to regain control of Gotham City. The events would encourage players to explore the open world and would be a great way for the Bat Family to interact with the citizens within Gotham, ensuring that the city itself does not seem like a desolate land littered with villains.

Marvel’s Spider-Man does this well by giving players pop-up crimes and short side quests that can inform them about the lore and give the city a sense of life. From crime gangs attacking or kidnapping citizens to lost items and undiscovered landmarks, similar events woulf feed into the lore of Gotham City and the criminal organizations that threaten to take control. Completing a series of these events in a single borough could also uncover more secrets to find, with players ultimately securing that borough from crime.

Gotham Knights will throw players into a Gotham City without the ever-vigilant protection of Batman, and though the Court of Owls storyline is its most anticipated feature, various side missions, events, and challenges could uncover much of the 400-year lore associated with this version of Gotham City. While this type of content has not yet been confirmed, including these missions, events, and challenges would be a great way of giving players things to do when they are not hunting down the Court of Owls and the other confirmed villains in Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knights is set to release on October 21, 2022, for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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