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DC fans can completely immerse themselves as Gotham crime fighters in Gotham Knights. Batman has died, so it is up to Red Hood, Batgirl, Robin, and Nightwing to carry his legacy and protect Gotham City. Whether it’s completing story missions or patrolling for criminal activity, there are plenty of things to do as the Batman Family.

Players can travel through the city freely in the open-world RPG, and the citizens of Gotham are as active as ever with nightly hostile situations and crimes. Keeping it all contained is a full-time job that players can take on solo or with a companion. However, at the start of the game, Multiplayer mode is unlocked. Here’s how to unlock Multiplayer in Gotham Knights, so online play with friends or strangers becomes available.


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How to Unlock Multiplayer Mode in Gotham Knights

While visible from the start menu, Multiplayer is not unlocked at first. Players will have to complete the beginning tutorial to gain access to online play. Whichever hero is chosen at the beginning of the game will start the tutorial and can’t be switched out for anyone else until after it is complete. It consists of reviewing the gameplay mechanics and going on night patrol for the first time. Once players finish the tutorial and return to the Belfry (the Batman Family’s home base), a message will pop up informing them that Multiplayer Co-op is now an option when on patrol.

While it is possible to beat the quests and mission solo, playing with someone else unlocks unique combo moves and scenarios during combat. As far as story progress and XP go – both players will earn points to level up, but only the host gets any story progress marked off during co-op. So whether players work directly together or not, they will get stronger. Also, even if a player isn’t the host, they will not have to repeat any missions they or their co-op partner completes and will get the option to skip it when they play solo.

How to Join A Quick Match

Players can play with random people online easily. The pause menu has a Social and Multiplayer option, but Multiplayer is the one we want. Here are the steps to join a random match in Gotham Knights:

  • Pause the game
  • Choose Multiplayer
  • Select Quick Match
  • Select Main

It will then begin searching for someone else to match with, and once another user is found, players spawn in Gotham City at night. Another option is to adjust the social privacy settings from within the game on patrol. To open privacy settings, click left on the D-pad on console or “C” on PC and make the session Public.

Playing With Friends

There is also the option to play with a friend in Gotham Knights if playing with randoms isn’t preferred. From the Pause menu, players should choose Social this time around. It will pull up the Friend list, and they can send invitations to join a session.

After it is accepted, the friend will spawn into their game. Alternatively, if players adjust their privacy settings again, they can make their sessions open to friends or friends of friends. Co-op is not only fun but sometimes dividing and conquering is the most efficient way to keep crime under control in Gotham.

Gotham Knights is available for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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