Google Play Awards 2022: Google Play announces best games of the year


Just like the App Store, Google Play Store has also come up with the best sets of games for the year 2022. There are a total of 7 best games which are classified into 7 different categories as well. The list includes famous and nostalgic games such as Clash of Clans and new buds like Apex Legends Mobile. Let’s jump directly into the best game for the year 2022 selected in the Google Play Awards. 

Google Play Awards 2022: Categories

1. Best Game of the Year: Apex legends Mobile

Image via Electronic Arts

Apex Legends Mobile has undoubtedly set its position over the top of the mobile gaming world and thus grabs the Best Game of the Year award from Google Play as well. The interesting storyline, unique graphics, and fascinating game modes have made it possible so far. Apex Legends also comes with various types of character that adds up more to the best kind of experience. The game also follows one of the best sets of UI that attracts more audience towards itself. 

2. Best User’s Choice/Best Pick up and Play Game of the Year: Angry Birds Journey

Angry Birds Journey, rovio bring back angry birds 2022
Image via Rovio Entertainment

Angry Birds Journey once again comes up at the top and grabs two awards simultaneously for the year 2022. The game follows up with the same storyline and a similar set of gameplay with much-improved graphics that has mainly attracted the players towards themselves. This nostalgic game brings back all old memories from many of the player’s childhood and thus also has one of the best kinds of gameplay along with various game modes and different types of birds which adds up more fascination to the game. 

3. Best Multiplayer Game of the Year: Rocket League Sideswipe

Rocket League SideSwipe Game Cover
Image via Psyonix Studios

Rocket League Sideswipe stands ahead being the Best Multiplayer Game of the Year. The game is the sole adaptation of the famous Rocket league PC game and thus gains a lot of popularity from there itself. The game follows up massive 2D graphics with the best sets of gameplay mechanics. The 2v2 football battle between cards which is a very unique style of play grabs the attention and thus makes this game Best Multiplayer for the Year. 

4. Best Indie Game of the Year: Dicey Dungeons 

Dicey Dungeons
Image via Terry Cavanagh

Dicey Dungeons claims the best Indies Game of the Year award for the unique gameplay UI, style, and story it has. The whole story revolves around a dice that walks through and battles against its misfortunes to survive happily. Players can even build a deck of dice and unpack more unique types of powerful skills and dice themselves in the game. 

5. Best Storyline Game of the Year: Diablo Immortal 

Diablo Immortal Elder Rifts Guide Cover
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Undoubtedly, Diablo Immortal was all set to win the Best Storyline Game of the Year award just after its release. Diablo Immortal is an MMORPG game that follows a storyline where the main character has to fight against demons and their disciple to conquer the world and save its community. The game introduces many different types of characters and companions which comes up as one of the best features of the game. Henceforth, it also comes along with interesting game modes that add up the cherry on top to the experience of the players. 

6. Best Ongoing Game of the Year: Clash of Clans 

Clash of Clans may update
Image via Supercell

At last, here comes Clash of Clans with the most deserving award for the Year. Clash of Clans is one of the oldest and by far the most popular games in the World. The concept of building a village base, being a part of a clan, and getting into war against different players and other clans is fascinating. The different types of defenses, army troops, and battles are so unique that every player needs to use their brain with their highest potential to conquer the World. 

What are your thoughts on the Google Play Store Awards 2022 featuring Game of the Year in various categories? Let us know in the comments below!

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