Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Tier List for November 2022

With the immense popularity of Goddess of Victory: NIKKE among players right now, players have seen the need of selecting the best NIKKE squad to take down their enemies. For selecting one NIKKE, players must unlock them and level up them properly to utilise them in the squad to the fullest. In this section, we will break down to different types of NIKKE in-game and form a tier list to select the best of them in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE.

Goddess of Victory NIKKE Tier List: Selecting the best NIKKE

Ranging from 3 types of characters in the form of Attacker, Defender and Supporters, each Nikke comes with its own set of abilities and a fixed weapon type. For different missions, selection of different squad units is possible, therefore, one must make the best choice of NIKKE. The three rarities of the game are respectively SSR, SR and R. The R-rated rarity characters are the primary characters of the game, which are available at the very beginning of the game.

We have prepared this tier list to help players choose the strongest Nikke to recruit in the squad.

Tier Attacker Defender Supporter
Overpowered (S+) Harran, Scarlet Ludmilla, Noah Liter, Pepper
Strong (S) Snow White, Privaty, Brid, Drake, Guillotine Crow, Yuni Exia, Admi
Good (A) Sugar, Julia, Signal, MIlk, Rapi, Belorta Poli, Centi, Folkwang Dolla, Neon, Noise
Fair (B) Maxwell, Alice, Maiden, Eunhwa, Epinel, Aria Anis, Delta, Novel Emma, Miranda, N102, Yan, Rapunzel
Weak (C) Yulha, Vesti, Soline, Isabel, Mihara Ether, Diesel Frima, Mary, Mica
Poor (D) Soldier EG, Product 12 Soldier FA, Doll Flower Soldier OW, Product 08, Product 23, iDoll Ocean, iDoll Sun

Harran and Scarlet are the greatest attacker Nikke, which is presently playable in the game. Both Nikke come with an SSR rating of 16007 and have significantly great attacking stats.  During the fighting, Scarlet employs assault weapons while Harran makes use of sniper rifles.

Image via Level Infinite

The finest selections from the Nikke defender class are Ludmilla and Noah. They can serve as the team’s tank and have greater defensive numbers than other players.  They are all SSR-rated defence players in the game. Noah uses a rocket launcher, whereas Ludmilla employs a submachine gun.

The best supporter class Nikke which is currently available in the game is the likes of Liter and Pepper. Both of them are SSR-rated characters and can provide healing and buff to their teammates. Liter uses a Submachine gun, and Pepper uses a Shotgun during their battle.

Final Thoughts

This is a balanced squad with the perfect combination of required Nikke and weapons is essential in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE. Each mission has different environments, ranges and types of enemies to fight. Therefore, they can plan efficiently and choose the best-suited Nikke and their weapons for the task.

What are your thoughts on the Goddess of Victory NIKKE Tier List? Let us know in the comments below.

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