God of War Ragnarok Video Imagines the Game as a PS1 Title


A God of War Ragnarok fan decides to turn the clock back several decades and produce a PS1-style trailer for the game, giving it a true retro look.

Someone has imagined what God of War Raganrok, a game that only came out on November 9, would look like if it had been released on the original PlayStation back in 90s. The concept of a “demake” has become quite popular, with titles like Resident Evil 6 being given the retro treatment recently. There’s evidently something appealing about taking a modern release and turning the clock back several years or even decades. If nothing else, it shows how far the industry has come.


God of War Ragnarok has been critically praised by fans and the media alike. It became one of the most anticipated games of this year, maybe even of this whole generation. In fact, Santa Monica Studio’s follow-up to the 2018 reboot has been nominated for several accolades at this year’s The Game Awards, including Game of the Year and Best Game Direction. It’s a testament to the quality of the title, but one person wanted to imagine what the game would have looked like had it released even earlier.

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As spotted by The Gamer, the YouTube channel Jackarte has uploaded a new video of God of War Ragnarok, only it’s been given the demake treatment, making it look like a more primitive release from the heady days of 1999. Complete with the PS1 start-up screen, this mock-up is a complete redo of the official launch trailer, only with extremely blocky graphics.

While the video utilizes the high-quality audio of the original, its pixelated and low-res visuals give it the appearance of something released in a bygone era of gaming. It should be said that what Jackarte has uploaded does not represent a teaser for an upcoming fan demake of the game. This is just a concept, but for the older people watching, it may instill feelings of nostalgia for the days of the OG PlayStation console.

There have been other fan-made projects that celebrate the antics of Kratos. Just recently, somebody did a janky remake of God of War in just five days, utilizing free assets found online, as well as a map that had been made by their girlfriend. The result is as can be expected, but the fact they managed to put something together in such a short time is definitely worthy of praise.

As a beloved hack and slash franchise, bringing with it one of the most iconic action heros in all of gaming, God of War was given new life with the reboot a few years ago. As such, fans were eager to see where the series would go, and luckily Ragnarok does not seem to be disappointing.

God of War Ragnarok is available now for PS4 and PS5.

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