GG.BET enlists Dota 2 commentator Andrew Jenkins as ambassador

Image credit: GG.BET

Esports betting company GG.BET has recruited Dota 2 caster and analyst Andrew Jenkins to act as an ambassador for the company.

Jenkins will host co-branded streams with GG.BET on his Twitch channel, whilst also creating shows and other video content with the betting company. Moreover, Jenkins will be the host of show matches and organise competitions with his viewers.

Andrew Jenkins is one of the most notable figures in Dota 2 broadcasting, having worked on numerous high-profile events such as The International 2021, ESL One Stockholm 2022, Riyadh Masters 2022 and PGL Major Arlington 2022, among others. He is also an active player representing Arkosh Gaming with fellow on-air Dota 2 hosts Brian Canavan and Jaron Clinton.

GG.BET and Jenkins have already announced upcoming activations. GG.BET will support Jenkins’ stream on September 8th and viewers will be able to win rewards by predicting the winner of Herald replay segments. GG.BET and Jenkins will also publish the first episode of a new show called the Secret Immortal show on Twitch.

Andrew Jenkins, new brand ambassador for GG.BET, commented: “I’m delighted to be an ambassador for a brand that puts so much effort into the growth of esports. GG.BET and I have a lot in common: a genuine love for Dota 2, a desire to create high-quality content, and a huge audience of esports fans. Together, we’ll be able to show a whole new side of Dota, to amaze seasoned veterans and draw in some new blood.”

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