Genshin Impact: Which is Better, Mobile or PC?

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game in an open world. It came out for mobile devices, PS4, Microsoft, and Nintendo Switch. The console version and the mobile version are very different from each other. Check out how Genshin Impact differs on the console and your phone.

Impact of Genshin on the Console?

That’s the right answer. You can get it from the PS4 and PS5 Play Station Stores. This store gives away the game for free. The Nintendo Switch will soon be able to play this game, too. Also, it looks like the game will soon be available on Xbox.

Genshin Impact came out for PS4 on September 28, 2020. It was supposed to come out on the PS5 on November 11, 2020. The graphics will be better when this game comes out for PS5. We still don’t know when this game will be available for Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

A Review of the Genshin Impact Console

Now, you can play Genshin Impact on PS4, PC, and mobile devices. Both games have the same rules and ways to play. In Genshin Impact, a twin’s journey or the journey of the character you choose to play takes place in an open world. So far, only two of the seven maps of cities have been made public.

So, the game’s story hasn’t come to an end yet. But if you want to increase in rank, you’ll have to do missions. When you start the game, choose which characters you want to play. This is a fun, easy-to-play action game that is still interesting.

To make the team, you can pick four characters with different skills from a list of more than 20. You can switch between them to use their skills and control them. Each character has a unique set of skills that can be unlocked and improved to make them stronger.

Your mission is to eliminate the monsters while your characters are still alive so they may win. Genshin Impact players need to know about all the parts, how they work together, and what happens.

In this game, the seven different parts have their effects and ways to work together. The way the other squad parts are put together also affects how your team plays and how you plan to play. You can keep it under control by using the power of details.

Comparing Genshin Impact on a mobile device to a console

The size of the screen and how the controls work are the most important differences between the console version of this game and the mobile version. A cell phone screen is much smaller than a Play Station screen. So, all the images will be made smaller. But you can play the game on a bigger screen with PS4. So, the game’s world is also more complex.

To find and fulfil tasks, you must explore the map.

You can touch the buttons directly on the phone, making this game easier to play. Playing on PS4, you move the characters around with a controller. Then you’ll have to remember what each button does. Genshin Impact for consoles and phones have different features, like being able to save and play with each other. By touching the buttons, you can control the characters right away.



To maintain your game information while playing on multiple platforms, you must sign in with your email or a social network account. Your game accomplishments are then preserved across both platforms when you sign in to play Genshin Impact on your PC or mobile device. You may play on both PC and mobile with the same account, and the data from both will be synchronized.

There is no way to synchronize game data across PS4, mobile, and PC platforms. You can only save game information on your PS4 account. You need a PSN account because you can’t use your email to sign in to the game on PS4. So, your progress won’t be the same on this platform as on your PC or mobile game.


Even though the PS4 doesn’t have a cross-save, you can play Genshin Impact with people on the PC and mobile platforms. Players on PS4 and PC can play with players on mobile similarly.

People who play Genshin Impact on PS4 can play with people who play on PC and mobile. Players can find other players to add as friends by using their UID, which is listed in their game profile. But it’s easier to find friends by UID on PS4 than on mobile or PC. So, PS4 players will be able to finish their friend lists quicker.

Genshin Impact’s gameplay

When you log into the game, you’ll go to a magical world where you can explore and complete missions. You may complete missions throughout the map for EXP and prizes. Also, there are monsters all over the map that you can kill to get materials, experience points, and supplies.

There are also chests all over the map. If you try to find these treasures, you will get a lot of valuable materials and rewards, which will help. You can quickly find monsters, chests, and quests by looking at the map, which shows where these places are. You can also look at the map yourself and see these things.

Now, more than 20 people are playing. miHOYO will add new cities and characters to this game in the next set of updates. These changes will happen at the same time on every platform. Because of this, Genshin Impact players on any platform can always play together. This game will soon be available for PS5, Switch, and Xbox.

You should be familiar with the Genshin Impact console and how it differs from playing the game on your smartphone. Visit our website for what’s new with the Genshin Impact game and for more gaming tips, tricks, and reviews.

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