Genshin Impact Video Proves Nahida's Annoying Controller Issue


A Genshin Impact video shows why using a controller while playing with the new Dendro Archon Nahida can be frustrating at times.

A Genshin Impact fan shares a small annoying detail many players face if they use the recently added Dendro user Nahida while playing on controller settings. The new Archon was featured on the first banner of the ongoing update 3.2 alongside another five-star character named Yoimiya.

As the first five-star Dendro support, Nahida quickly became one of the most popular Genshin Impact characters in the game due to her ability to constantly apply the new element on the field. However, her unique play style makes her kit a bit harder to execute for players that use a controller.


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Nahida has a very specific Elemental Skill named All Schemes to Know which requires players to move their camera around and target different enemies. Reddit user Elzyia has posted an interesting video on the official Genshin Impact subreddit comparing their controller experience with a friend’s PC version of the game. The video proves that it’s actually much harder for controller players to swap to Nahida and quickly mark enemy targets with her Elemental Skill. Since applying the Seed of Skandha does not have a cast time, PC players can use the speed of their mouse to quickly hover over a group of enemies and apply the mark.

Even though this seems like an insignificant annoyance, some fans have revealed that this issue can make them fail their Spiral Abyss run. Needing a couple of additional seconds can allow a heavy attack to go through and knock Nahida away, ruining the whole DPS rotation in the process. Opponents who are marked by the Seed of Skandha all get linked to one another which allows Nahida to deal damage to multiple targets even when she leaves the field.

While numerous comments complain about the same thing, it seems there is no real solution to this problem other than increasing the aim sensitivity in their settings which still doesn’t completely resolve the issue. Some PC players that usually use a controller claim that they often choose to play with mouse/keyboard settings in order to maximize Nahida’s potential on the field.

So far, Nahida is without a doubt the strongest Dendro user in the game right now which makes her a must-have for teams that want to play around the recently added elemental reactions. Nahida’s release even broke the record for being the most pulled banner in Genshin Impact‘s history.

Genshin Impact is now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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