Genshin Impact: Tips to get the Hidden Chest in Sumeru easily


Genshin Impact has taken the gaming world by storm since its release. The open-world adventure game has players exploring the beautiful world of Teyvat, and there are plenty of secrets to discover along the way. One hidden chest can be found in Sumeru in the 3.0 Update, and it is relatively easy to find if players know where to look. In case players are struggling to find the hidden chest in Sumeru, they should worry no more. Our Genshin Impact guide will tell players exactly how to get Hidden Chest in Sumeru with little effort. Players can follow these simple steps and they will have the treasure in no time.

Genshin Impact and the Hidden chest in Sumeru

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There is a new hidden chest in Sumeru and the players are intrigued with the easy mini-quest that runs for 5 days with a simple mission. But what’s more interesting is the fact, that players must not fear the dilemma of logging in and completing the task of the quest for 5 consecutive days, but players can even miss out a day in between this questline.

How to start and complete the Hidden Quest in Sumeru

To successfully start this hidden quest in Sumeru, players have to go to Gandha Hill and spot the Hilichurl Camp. They must get their weapons out and battle it out with Hilichurl and clear out the camp. There will be a torch-lit up after successfully defeating it and complete this quest. But this is just your first day, players need to come back 5 days and finish the same. As you know, consecutive days are not important, as the quest progress will not reset.

Note: At times, players have noticed that the torches are already lit, which means that you have already killed Hilichurls before and that gives you a leg up in the quest. First-timers can check the extreme left torch. If the torch is lit, then players are on Day 1 of the quest.

Genshin Impact Sumeru Hidden Chest
Image via HoYoverse

Once the player gets to the 4th day running, there will be a slight difference in the quest, as now players need to defeat the alliance of Hilichurls and Stone Lawachurl. They should take out their special powers and break out the last barrier. As, players come back on the last day after defeating this alliance, get their exquisite hidden quest in Sumeru.

Players should grab the rewards inside and enjoy their spoils. Just remember, if one is feeling ever lost in Genshin Impact, there is always a chest waiting to be discovered. Who knows what other secrets the game has in store?

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