Genshin Impact Guide: Tips to beat the Everlasting God of Arcane Wisdom boss


Version 3.2 Update of Genshin Impact finally brings the long-awaited Scaramouche Lore for players to seek, introduced as the new weekly boss “Shouki No Kami” with that out of the way this boss can be a real pain if played carelessly. In this guide, we will discuss the in-depth analysis of the Everlasting God of Arcane Wisdom boss in Genshin Impact and learn ways to beat it. We will also learn how to defeat him along with 2 hidden achievements for players to unlock.

We will break down our quest to beat the Everlasting god of Arcane Wisdom in Genshin Impact into two parts. The mission has mainly 2 phases, namely Phase 1 and Phase 2. Here are the different phases.

How to beat Everlasting God of Arcane Wisdom Boss in Genshin Impact: Phase – 1

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In this phase, the boss is attached to a fixed axis and can only move his hands. This phase is still dangerous, if not paid attention to attacks.

Elemental Nodes and their uses

Genshin Impact beat Everlasting God of Arcane Wisdom elemental nodes
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To charge these Nodes, players need to pick up blue crystal-like structures scattered across the arena these crystals spawn, when the boss attack the players. Before starting the fight, players can see the Elemental Charge Nodes mainly, Anemo, Electro, Pyro, Cyro and Hydro.

  • Electro Nodes are the most important here, Players need to activate both of them to stun the boss
  • Anemo Nodes: This node is used later in phase 1 of the boss
  • Pyro: This is used when the field is covered with Cryo element
  • Cryo: This is used when the field is covered with Pyro element
  • Hydro heals the active character standing on it, although this is pretty much useless

Pet, Crystals and their uses

While fighting the boss, Blue Charge Crystals will spawn when the boss is attacking collect these to charge up your pet. Once the pet is charged, players must use its charge to activate the electro node to partially stun the boss.

This will cause him to use only one hand causing lightning strikes on players which in return, drops energy Crystals to use these to charge up again and activate the second electro node. This will stun the boss for a short period of time opening a window for players to attack.

First achievement

Successfully, players stunning the boss will also unlock an achievement, “It all comes tumbling down” worth 10 primogems. This will be followed by a huge Electro AoE splash, which covers the whole arena, dealing high amounts of damage to any characters standing in it. To avoid this quickly, players must collect the Charge Crystals on the ground and they must use them to activate the Anemo Node.

Electro Missiles

Shoots electro Missiles in a small AoE near him, this attack is followed by two large pyramid-shaped electro crystals which have a home on players for some second and then go straight forward.

Spinning electro lazers

These are constant spinning electro lazers, to avoid this dash towards left or right. They must keep an eye on stamina. Generally, lazers move from left to right.

Fire ‘n’ Ice sweep ‘n’ slam

This move has two attack patterns either sweep or slam or both run to the sides of the arena to avoid.

Anemo Whirlpools

It creates Anemo tornadoes on the arena which later fuse with Hydro creating whirlpools, that stick to the inner side of the arena to avoid the attacks,

How to beat Everlasting God of Arcane Wisdom Boss in Genshin Impact: Phase – 2

The Arcane Wisdom Boss also has a shield during this phase.

Leg Stomps ‘n’ Slams

Boss stomps the ground using his legs and creates a Shockwave covering the arena jump over it to avoid damage.

Sword Plunge

The boss jumps and slams the ground in a large AoE. They must either stay away to avoid damage or time the dash to avoid damage.

Tackle attack

The boss goes to the side of the arena and then charges attack players. They should either stay away or Dash to avoid damage. A good way to know where the boss is going to tackle is to see where the Pet is shooting.


The attack creates an X-mark on the ground, where this attack is usually fast so players should either stay away or dash to avoid any damage.

Crystals are also in Phase 2 of the boss, where they can grab them to charge their pet. Once the pet is fully charged, the character Elemental skill will be replaced by the Dendro Bomb. They should aim and shoot the boss with the Dendro bomb to deplete a massive chunk of shield from it.

Electro Strom/Circle

electro storm
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Slow-moving electro circle covers a large AoE. Players can walk or run to stay out of its area of effect. Players should save stamina for a follow-up attack.

Electro Beam

This attack is usually performed after Electro Strom, the boss will summon the Electro beam from the ground vertically upward, and use the dash to avoid. When the boss shield is fully depleted, he performs his Ultimate:

Setsuna Shoumetsu Cometh

Genshin Impact beat Everlasting God of Arcane Wisdom setsuna cometh
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This is the final attack which has a very high casting time. Any active character will fall standing on the field, if they get hit by it, irrespective of their health and shield.

To avoid this: players need to destroy the four turrets on the field, this is generally difficult with melee characters that’s why bringing archers and catalysts is useful in this stage. Keep in mind that Hydro or Electro element won’t damage the turrets.

After breaking the turrets, players should grab the four Charge Crystals to charge the pet and shoot the final Dendro bomb to take the boss down. The boss will fall down and a platform will form near him. Players should use the four-leaf sigil to quickly move to him. Moreover, all the party members will have an elemental burst and will be fully charged. Players should keep in mind to finish the boss after the first takedown or players have to repeat phase 2 again.

Second achievement

The second achievement is rather a simple one. Players should do nothing and let their character die in the final attack. This will unlock the achievement “The causality of birth and extinction”, which is worth 10 primogems.

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