Genshin Impact fan teases amazing animations of the Fatui Harbingers


The Genshin Impact community is a creative bunch and always seems to funnel out creative content to display to other fans. As such, HoYoverse acknowledges this overwhelming burst of creative content and hosts the HoYoFair every year. The fans submit their animated shorts and videos to the Genshin Impact Fan Art Special Program. HoYoverse then compiles and uploads into one video on their social media. On September 24th, they hosted HoYoFair 2022 and HoYoFair 2023 will be starting on December 30. Now, one fan has posted a great animated teaser of the well-known Fatui Harbingers in Genshin Impact. 

The Special Program is scheduled for December 30. It will be live on both YouTube and Twitch at 21:00 (UTC +8). The teaser shows Fatui Harbingers a bit. Reddit user u/reverieMidnight posted their teaser in the Genshin Impact community Subreddit. The user is popular in the community as their animation was also in the previous HoYoFair Fan Art Special Program. He made an animation depicting Raiden Ei’s back story.

Genshin Impact fan shows a teaser of the upcoming animated Fatui Harbingers 

We can see a glimpse of most of the Fatui Harbingers in the teaser. If we decipher and analyze the teaser, Columbina is shown first, strumming what seems to be a Lyre and looking peaceful. Pulcinella is shown next as he seems to be conducting his role as the major in SnezhnayaPantalone is shown looking suspicious as he strolls by. Then the scene cuts to Pierro, looking menacing as his left eye glows.

Genshin Impact animated fatui harbingers
Image via Reddit

Tartaglia is shown shortly after transforming into his Foul Legacy form, judging from the lighting we can speculate that both Tartaglia and Pierro will be engaged in combat. Speaking of combat, the next scene cuts to both Capatino.

This appears to be Sandrone’s robot sparing in the Snezhnaya weather. Dottore shows up in the following scene and looks manic as he tries to inject a syringe onto someone. Lastly, the former Fatui Harbinger Scaramouche is shown as he summons his Gigantic Mech form. Although Arlecchino, the fourth of the Fatui Harbingers, was not teased in the animation she may be shown in the full video eventually.  

The Fatui Harbingers have been the main antagonist in the Genshin Impact storyline for most of the part. Although they hold villainous roles in the game, it does not stop the fans from being in love with the characters and being appreciative of the nuance of each Harbinger. Their passion and obsession are shown in the ‘Teyvat Chapter Interlude Teaser: A Winter Night’s Lazzo on the official Genshin Impact YouTube. Over only 5 months, this teaser of the Fatui Harbingers has garnered an immense amount of views. It currently stands at over 13 million views.  

Fan are eagerly waiting for other Harbingers to be available in Genshin Impact

Fans have eagerly been anticipating more lore about the rest of the Fatui Harbingers and waiting for them to also be playable characters. So far, Genshin Impact has released 2 playable Fatui Harbinger characters. Tartaglia or ‘Childe’ was the first character to be playable back in Version 1.1. Afterward, fans were expecting La Signora to follow shortly as the next playable character due to her consistent appearance in the Archon quests.

Genshin Impact Childe guide, Genshin Impact Tartaglia Team Compositions
Image via HoYoverse

Unfortunately, HoYoverse had other plans in mind as they allegedly killed her off during the Inazuma Archon Quest. That being said, it may not be the last time we see her as many lore theorists speculate a resurrection as evidenced by the Teyvat Interlude teaser. Scaramouche, now known as the Wanderer, is the latest playable character introduced with his banner in Version 3.3

Final Thoughts

Judging from the teaser, there seems to be some more underlying lore hidden within the depicted characters. Although it’s a fan animation, the coloring, movement, and overall depiction of the Fatui Harbingers are quite amazing to witness. Fans should tune in on the 30th of December to see the rest of the untold story of the Harbingers. 

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