Genshin Impact: Fabulous Fungus Frenzy event Guide and Tips


Fabulous Frenzy Fungus is the biggest ongoing event in version 3.2 of Genshin Impact, the event is about capturing various Fungi and using their special skills. Get rewards like primogems, refinement materials, Adventurer’s EXP, and a 4-star character Dori.

How to unlock the Fabulous Fungus Frenzy event in Genshin Impact

The following requirements need to be fulfilled to unlock the event:

  • Adventure rank 30 or above 
  • Completion of archon quest Chapter 1 : Act 3 “A new Star Approaches” 

This event is divided into two different categories :

Preparing for the Tournament:

This sub-event is also divided into 3 parts :

Fungus Capture

Players need to first get the wisdom orb gadget to capture fungi and complete the event quest to obtain this gadget, once players equip this gadget their Elemental skill will change to Capture skill. Keep in mind that hitting the fungi with electro will transform them into an activated state hence making it harder to catch them. Alternatively, players can hit the fungi with Pyro to keep them in a scorched state making them easier to capture.

Coruscating Potential

Image via Genshin Impact

A place where players may unlock and level up their fungi skills. Players can talk to an NPC in Port Ormos to take part in the challenge. Players need to adjust the position of each jelly as indicated by the chart on the left. Correctly placing all the jellies as depicted by the chart will unlock new skills and talents for fungi.

Special training

The last sub-event is about fighting hordes of enemies except this time players have to their fungi and their different skills to defeat enemies.

Genshin Impact Special training
Image via Genshin Impact
  • Coordinated Assaults: During this challenge players need to destroy a zone captured by enemies. More points will be awarded if players destroy the zones faster and without losing any fungi.
  • Zone Defense: During this challenge, players need to protect the Lay Line Monolith, the less damage taken by the Monolith, the more points are awarded to the player. 

Championship Progress 

Genshin Impact Championship Progress
Image via Genshin Impact

This is the second phase of the Fabulous Fungus Frenzy event in Genshin Impact. It unlocks after completing the Prepare for Tournament phase. Participate in the Nilotpala Cup Beast Tamers Tournaments and compete with other NPCs using your fungi to win various rewards 

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