Genshin Impact Dandelion Seed Locations

Looking for information on the Ascension? Do you want to make some potions to help you? In Genshin Impact, Dandelion Seeds are a significant resource, but finding them on your own might take a long time. To get the seeds, you also need the help of an Anemo friend.

Any Anemo attack can hurt dandelion plants, so ensure you have at least one Anemo character ready to join your team. Gathering Dandelion Seeds does not need Sucrose to wait for her Elemental Skill’s cooldown period, making her the ideal candidate for the job.

She can instead use her regular attack. But if you don’t have any new Anemo characters from Wishes yet, you can use the Traveler. Just ensure that your Traveler’s active element is Anemo, not Geo. This guide will reveal you where to find lots of Dandelion Seeds and how to use them.

Dandelion Seed is what?

Dandelion Seed is only obtained using Anemo Power and originates from the Dandelion Flower, which is peculiar to Mondstadt. The Dandelion in the game looks like the ones we see in nature: it is a delicate flower with small, clear petals just a little bit taller than the grass.

Where Dandelion Flowers Grow

Dandelion Seeds can only be found in Mondstadt. The best place to go is right outside of Mondstadt’s city gates. There are also a lot of Dandelion Flowers in Starfall Valley and Southwest the Dawn Winery.

In Genshin Impact, you can find the Seed. You can see where it is on the map below. In the wild, there are a total of 52 Dandelion Flowers. The Dandelion Flower won’t grow in the Serenitea Pot. They come back every 48 hours.

Dandelion Seeds – Where to Get Them

Like Wolfhook and Cecilia flowers, which only grow in that area, seeds are a speciality of Mondstadt. On the other hand, you can’t buy Seeds from merchants like you can with some of Mondstadt’s other specialities. To find them, we have to go out into the wild.

There are 52 Dandelion Seeds to be found in the Mondstadt area. Look at the map to find out where they all are (credit goes to this super useful interactive Genshin Impact map). Remember that Dandelion Seeds take about three days to grow in the real world. If your Wishes give you a Jean or a Eula, it’s time to start collecting!

How to Get Dandelion Seeds Quickly

The best place to look for Dandelion Seeds is in front of the Mondstadt gates. When you leave the city, but before you cross the stone bridge, there are three Dandelion plants right in front of you and six more to your left. These latter two are a bit farther north. Then, if you run east across the bridge, just to the right of the Temple of the Falcon, you can find two more Dandelion Seeds.

Remember where you can quickly get 11 Dandelion Seeds in this area every three days. The second best place to find Dandelion is on the cliffs south of the Dawn Winery. This area is harder to reach, but you can easily take up to ten Dandelion Seeds from it.

Teleport to the most recent Ridge Watch dungeon and go northwest along the cliff’s edge until you see a little pond below. The first Dandelion plants are growing behind it. Start picking them up by going down.

The remaining Dandelion plants aren’t as strong, which is a shame. If you don’t need to run too far, you can quickly get two more Dandelions just north of the Teleport Waypoint at Cape Oath and three more just south of the Sculpture of the Seven in Starfall Lake. You’ll get 26 Dandelion Seeds if you go to these places.

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Best locations to purchase Dandelion Seed

The best place to get Dandelion Seeds is outside Mondstadt, but before you cross the bridge out of the city. There are a lot of plants on both sides of the road. I have also marked other places on the map where I have found Dandelion Seeds.

You’ll need a lot of them to climb Jean completely, and you’ll need a lot of Gushing Essential Oil and Windbarrier Potion. Thus you’ll need a lot of Seeds. If you need a lot of seeds, go to the large circle on the southwest of the map.

You want to find the most of them here. Find these plants as best you can! If you found this guide helpful, check out some of our other Genshin Impact guides on GameSkinny, like how to use the Souvenir Shop and finish some of the game’s more difficult quests.

Dandelion Seed Uses

Only Jean, a five-star character in Genshin Impact, needed Dandelion Seeds for Ascension until recently. When Eula, another 5-star character, was added to Genshin Impact 1.5, this stopped being the case. Both characters need 168 Dandelion Seeds to reach their highest Ascension level.

Seeds are also used in the art of alchemy. You need five things to make an Anemoculus Resonance Stone. Around Mondstadt, this stone is used to find Anemoculus. Seed can also be used to make a Gushing Essential Oil or a Windbarrier Potion.

The first one is used to increase Anemo damage by 25% for 5 minutes, and the second one is used to increase Anemo’s resistance to elemental damage by 25% for 5 minutes. Dandelion Seed is a good ingredient even if you don’t have Jean or Eula on your team.

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