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Genshin Impact has released the new playable character Alhaitham along with his Story Quest in Version 3.4. Alhaitham is a 5-Star Dendro DPS character that has already been shown during the Sumeru Archon quest line. As a result, the story quest starts where it was left off in the other story. In this guide, we will be helping you navigate through the Alhaitham Story Quest: ‘The Illusions of the Mob’ Chapter: Act I with a thorough walkthrough and also share special insight and thoughts about his story quest in Genshin Impact.

How to unlock the Alhaitham Story Quest: Vultur Volans Chapter – ACT I ‘The Illusions of the Mob’ in Genshin Impact

To unlock and have access to the Alhaitham Story Quest in Genshin Impact, players must:

Genshin Impact Alhaitham Story Quest Guide: Quest Walkthrough

Part One: Fragmented Testimony

Alhaitham has become the Acting Grand Sage. Considering his personality, it is doubtful whether the other scholars will accept him. It is time to pay the Akademiya a visit.

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  • Teleport to Sumeru City in Sumeru and head to the Akademiya to start the story quest.
  • The quest will start off as many Sumeru students start talking amongst themselves about Alhaitham. Suddenly a man wearing an Akademia uniform tumbles into you and Paimon. He explains that he wants to be brought to the Matra. One must head inside the Akademia to look for a Matra and talk to them.
  • A Matra will start interrogating the Akademia man, called Ilyas, and brings him to a lie detector test. After some time, they come back with Alhaitham who wants to investigate this mystery too. Ilyas informs them that they need to go to the Tavern. One must head to Lambad’s Tavern.
  • After a short and hostile conversation between the Matra and Alhaitham, Matras go inside the Tavern to apprehend the suspects. In the meantime, Alhaitham busies himself by finding a quiet place to explain himself.
  • The Matra brought in the suspect, and it turns out Ilyas does not have any recollection of his memories. Alhaitham then talks about wanting to help Ilyas by bringing in his memories, so he and the traveler set out to retrace Ilyas’s steps and find Siraj.

Part One Quest Rewards

  • Adventure EXP x 400
  • Mora x 27825
  • Hero’s Wit x 3
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x 6

Part Two: A Thorough Investigation

Ilyas remembered two things that he had to do, one of which is to collect his pay at the Research Preparation Center.

Genshin Impact Alhaitham Story Quest Guide  part 2
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  • Ilyas tries to recall important habitual memories that he has to do no matter what. One of them is collecting his paycheck to give to his sister. One can head towards the Research Preparation Center in the House of Daena located inside the Akademia.
  • Once players reach inside the House of Daena, Ilyas’s employer will talk to Ilyas’s odd absence and tell him to ask Chandra about his cancelled research paper. After he has done his task, he will then receive his paycheck.
  • Locate Chandra by the Story Quest navigation and talk to him. Chandra will explain his reasoning for cancelling his research paper. He overhears Siraj from them and informs them that a researcher named Janaki was given an offer by Siraj to join his research team.
  • Go look for Janaki and talk to her about Siraj and his whole research. She shows hostility towards Ilyas and Alhaitham somewhat and explains Siraj’s research experiment in detail.
  • After Janaki made claims about Ilyas conducting terrible deeds to her, Alhaitham suggests searching for information related to Ilyas back in the Grand Sage’s office.
  • Go to the Grand Sage’s desk and wait for Alhaitham to look for the files. After he discovers what he’s looking for, players can head back out to inform Illyas about what he found.
  • Go and teleport to Gandharva Ville to give Ilyas’s payment to his sister and parents. Ilyas recovers some of his memories while talking to his parents and sister.

Part Two Quest Rewards

  • Adventure EXP x 550
  • Mora x 38100
  • Hero’s Wit x 4
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x 8

Part Three: Pride and Prejudice

Genshin Impact Alhaitham Story Quest Guide  part 3
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While stopping by Gandharva Ville, Ilyas managed to recover his memories. It’s now time to follow him to Siraj’s hideout.

  • Head to Siraj’s hideout. This will be a Domain that has to be completed, it is recommended to bring Dendro to the party.
  • Talk to Ilyas and enter the research base.
  • Continue to explore the research base. As players progress, one will enter more of Ilyas’s consciences memories and thoughts. Finally, players will reach the main base of operation where Sirajis located.
  • A cutscene will take place, as Siraj starts his monologue about the experiment. Enemies will spawn as he continues. Defeat all the enemies as you witness the internal conflict within the Hive.
  • After Siraj is defeated, one can leave the Domain and talk to Alhaitham to assess the situation.
  • Follow Alhaitham to his house and talk to him.

Part Three Quest Rewards

  • Adventure EXP x 775
  • Primogems x60
  • Mora x 53900
  • Hero’s Wit x 6
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x 12
  • Guide to Ingenuity x5

Genshin Impact: In-Depth Review and Discussion of Alhaitham Story Quest ACT I

Alhaitham’s Characterization

When starting the quest, we as the players have already familiarized ourselves with Alhaitham as a pre-established character that was heavily involved in the Sumeru Archon quests. Alhaitham in himself is a very intellectual genius who has been the most rational and blunt individual in the Sumeru cast. He has a very lone wolf exterior and loves to be by himself, only tags along and ‘helps’ to fuel his own interest. He sticks to his principles and never acts emotionally towards any situation.

From the previous Archon Quest story, it was left off with Alhaitham being the Acting Grand Sage in the current affairs of the Akademia. As the Grand Sage was ostracized due to the experimentation of dreams and working with the Fatui, along with some of the Darshans, Alhaitham was forcefully tasked to this temporal role till they elect a new Grand Sage. Alhaitham himself wants to avoid this role as it is too much work for him and he wants to be an ordinary scholar in pursuit of knowledge.

Genshin Impact Alhaitham Story Quest Guide thoughts
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Despite his harsh and blunt exterior, Alhaitham still cares for things in his own way. We get to see Kaveh again, who is known to be Alhaitham’s roommate and senior. Kaveh and Alhaitham’s banter was hilariously fun to witness, they bounce off of each other due to their sheer difference in ideals and personality.

Story Plot

The story was a case of deception and manipulation following Illyas and then eventually Siraj’s journey of inventing a hive mind. The plot sheds some light on the Akademia’s culture and principals, or lack thereof for this case. Ilyas despite doing the right thing of exposing corrupt officials, has himself to blame for the death of one of his friends. In doing the right thing, people started antagonizing him and wished his family threats as a result.

Siraj used his emotionally vulnerable state to let him join in his experiment of collecting as many scholars as possible to make a hive mind where one singular thought rules the many. Siraj also has a deep hatred towards Alhaitham due to his inferiority complex in his eyes, Alhaitham acts like he is superior to everyone else. Of course, that blunder prove to be useful and hence Alhaitham took hold of this opportunity to turn the tables and sabotage Siraj’s plans.

In the end, despite Siraj being defeated, he still grows animosity towards Alhaitham, while the other kidnapped scholars including Illyas thank him for saving them. Alhaitham once again shows a sense of normalcy where he cares little about the hatred and love he receives.

Final Thoughts

Alhaitham’s story quest was pretty interesting to witness, as we get another form of confirmation of Alhaitham’s unaffected attitude towards people who talk about him. He dislikes interacting with them and seems to be content with living an absolutely ordinary life with a well-off job and a thirst for knowledge. It would be nice to see more of Kaveh and Alhaitham’s dynamic taking place in the near future patches. Overall, Genshin Impact has left a great solid impression on Alhaitham.

What are your thoughts on our guide on the Alhaitham Story Quest in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below.

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