Is It Possible To Use A Gaming Monitor For Everyday Work?

When we have a great monitor for gaming, we often want to use it for more than just games. What’s the point? We usually spend more money on gaming monitors than work monitors, so they usually have more features, like a higher FPS and better resolution. Whether this means that gaming monitors can also be used for other things, let’s find out.

You can use gaming monitors for a lot of different things. They are used professionally in architecture, design, software, and other fields. Gaming monitors are just like regular monitors, but they do everything better. Gaming monitors make everything easier, from watching movies to reading emails.

If you play games on a PC and also use it for everyday tasks, there’s no reason why you couldn’t just use the gaming monitor for everything. In this article, we’ll talk about what you can do on gaming monitors, how they differ from regular monitors, how you can use them to play console games, and more, so keep reading!

Using a gaming monitor to watch movies

Before we talk about watching movies on a gaming monitor, we must know that movies usually don’t go faster than 45 frames per second. Most of the time, they can only handle 24 frames per second. If you watch a movie on a 144hz monitor, the movie won’t play at 144hz. 

Instead, it will stay at 24 or 45 frames per second (FPS). The video might run much more smoothly on the gaming monitor even with all of that. This isn’t because it’s running at a higher FPS, but because the movie’s 24 to 45 frames per second divide nicely into 144 frames per second.

Even on YouTube, you won’t have much luck. Youtube only allows up to 60 frames per second on PCs and mobile. Again, just like with movies, the YouTube videos you’re watching will look much smoother because they fit well on the higher FPS screen.

Starting to work On A Gaming Monitor

Even though it seems strange, working on a gaming monitor can help you get more done. This is because it seems like everything you do is better. It doesn’t matter if you’re scrolling through emails, the web, or anything else. It will always feel smoother on a second screen with a higher frame rate.

Don’t worry. If you do any design or development work, especially architecture, the company you work for probably already has Gaming Monitors set up for you to use in the office. I think you should get a gaming monitor for your office if you just started your own business and work from home. What you need will determine whether you choose a 1080p, 1440p, or 4K monitor. You and your business are the only ones who can decide which is best.

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Is it Worth It to Buy a Gaming Monitor?

Yes, Gaming Monitors are unquestionably worth the cost. However, this depends on your requirements and goals. It also relies on your budget constraints. If you are a gamer and want to use it every day, then the price is even more worth it, and it is worth it.

Best Monitors for Gaming Everyday Use

When I use two monitors, I like to use the MSI Optix MAG240R. It’s a 24-inch, curved, 1080p, 144Hz, 1ms, AMD Freesync screen. On Amazon, the monitor costs $220, and you can find out more about it. The curve works well for a dual setup, and the MAG240R has very thin bezels that will make gaming feel very real.

The DELL S2719DGF is a 1440p gaming monitor with a refresh rate of 155Hz and a screen size of 27 inches. The bezels might not be the thinnest of the ones I list here. I just had to say something about how good the monitor is. On Amazon, it sells for $399.

The Samsung S22R350FHN is a 22-inch 1080p thin bezel IPS 60Hz monitor that can be bought on Amazon for only $109. It can be used for multitasking and other things that aren’t games. Unless you do design work or just like a bigger screen, this monitor is perfect for you. 

You can play games on this monitor, and it will be great, but if your PC can run at 1080p 144Hz, I suggest trying a monitor like that instead. The Acer Predator XB271HK bmiprz is a 27-inch UHD IPS monitor with a 4ms display and a refresh rate of 60Hz. The monitor works with G-Sync and has speakers built-in for when you don’t want to wear a headset.


I understand that Gaming Monitors can be expensive, and you might be thinking that they are not worth it because of the price. If I were to give you any suggestion, I would recommend that gaming monitors are the only ones launched since they provide much more value than their competitors.

Whether you’re using it for work, school, or play, a gaming monitor gives you more freedom, features, and ways to customize it. It also makes the whole experience better. Lastly, I want to say that gaming monitors look cool. They have thinner bezels and cool RGB lighting, mostly on the back, and those make work a lot less scary and more fun.

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