GameStop Cancels Fire Emblem Engage Voice Actor's Pre-Order for Divine Edition of the Game


One of the voice actors for Fire Emblem Engage shares a story about his struggle to get a copy of the Divine Edition from GameStop.

One of the lead voice actors in the recently released Fire Emblem Engage, Brandon McInnis, shares that GameStop canceled their pre-order before it was released. Fire Emblem Engage has been out for about a week. While the story-to-gameplay ratio compared to Three Houses has some gamers divided, the overall consensus from critics and fans has been rather positive.

Brandon McInnis is a talent who some may know him for his roles in anime like Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia, Tokyo Ghoul, and SSSS. Gridman, just to name a few. In regard to his role in Fire Emblem Engage, he voices the male version of Alear, the leading lord. Alear is the main character of the game, so it’s no surprise McInnis was excited about the role in the lead-up to its release. However, he recently shared a story on Twitter about the difficulties he received from GameStop when trying to get the game’s Divine Edition.


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Fire Emblem Engage’s Divine Edition comes with a number of goodies, including an art book, poster, and other physical memorabilia items. According to McInnis though, Gamestop had called the voice actor about his purchase for the Divine Edition, saying that it couldn’t be fulfilled due to the conglomerate selling pre-orders without having guaranteed stock. He was originally told that his order was delayed the night before, only to receive a digital copy instead.

With these supply issues not providing enough stock to McInnis’ local GameStop, he, along with other eager gamers, weren’t able to get the version of the game they wanted. Thankfully, an eBay seller was able to get him a copy of Fire Emblem Engage’s Divine Edition, with McInnis his immense gratitude and excitement over the giant box.

Other actors like Chris Hackney, who plays the role of Dimitri in Three Houses and would reprise the role for the DLC Emblem in Engage, shared a similar struggle about GameStop not fulfilling his pre-order for the Divine Edition. The actor shared a tweet with a video showing that he had paid for the special variant online, only to receive a copy of the vanilla release. Many actors and fans, including McInnis, criticized GameStop for its poor handling of the game.

Fire Emblem Engage is available now exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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