Why Do Professional Gamers Wear Headphones And Earbuds?

You must have seen gamers with earbuds and headsets at gaming tournaments. Why do professional gamers wear headphones and earbuds? Why do you have to wear them both in some contests?

4 Reasons To Wear Earbuds And Headphones

Read the following to find out why professional gamers use earbuds and headphones.

To Resist Surrounding Noise

Some games, like PUBG, Call of Duty, etc., have very loud sounds, and there is also a lot of noise. Visit the NFL if you’ve never seen anything like this before. Because the noise level is so high, players can’t keep their minds on the game and lose. 

This is why professional gamers wear headphones and earbuds. First, they wear earbuds that send sound that is clear and crisp. They wear headphones on them to block out all the noise around them.

To Maintain Privacy

Esports are shown live on TV, and the commentators talk about everything. They talk about what the players are doing and where they are right now. People often start talking about how players plan to win.

It’s unfair because competitors can hear the plan and act based on it. So, it is now a rule that they must wear headphones that block out some outside noise. Then they won’t be able to listen to the commentators so that no secret information will get out.

Away From Technology Noise

Why do professional gamers wear headphones and earbuds? Different technologies are used to keep such large groups of people in order and keep them entertained. Also, many of the things used to play games make noise.

Even though they don’t make a lot of noise, these sounds feel very bad in places where there is already a lot of chaos. So, noise-canceling headphones ensure that gamers don’t have bad times.

To Talk With Teammates

In many games, there are two teams of players, and for both teams to do well, they must be able to talk to each other. If they don’t talk to each other well, your team could lose the game and fall victim to the other team’s plan.

So pro-gamers wear headphones with earbuds to block out everything around them and hear their teammates’ voices so they can act quickly. This is why professional gamers wear headphones and earbuds.

Pro Gamers Should Use These Headphones

There are many different styles and shapes of headphones, making it hard to choose the best one for gaming. Let’s look at all of their types to see which is best for gamers.

Wired Vs Wireless Headphones

Wired headphones are no longer used because wireless headphones are more comfortable because they don’t have wires. The wires of our headphones get tangled up in our hands and take our attention away. 

So it’s better to buy wireless headphones that work with your game console, connect them, and play the game while wearing the headphones. There won’t be a mess of wires, and you’ll be able to move around freely. Wired headphones need to be charged, so get a pair that has a long battery life and is easy to charge. 

Most importantly, make sure the game is fully charged before playing it. If you use them when the battery is low, the battery will be used up completely, and the device will turn off in the middle of the game, causing you to lose the game.

In-Ear Headphones Vs Earbuds

Both Airbus headphones and in-ear headphones are small, light, and sweat- and water-resistant, so you can use them while playing. However, in-ear headphones often irritate the ear canal. Is it because they go deep into our ears, and your ears won’t feel good if you press earbuds further?

So, pro gamers are told to use earbuds, which have tips that stay on the edge of the ear canal and are very comfortable. So there won’t be any trouble with comfort. But in-ear headphones completely block out outside noise. AirPods, on the other hand, don’t do that. But that’s not a problem for gamers, who wear them to hear clear sounds and use headphones to block out background noise.

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Over-Ear Vs On-Ear Headphones

The main goal of gamers is to block out noise, which is best done with over-ear headphones. Even though they are big and hard to move around, they are comfortable and made to last. On-ear headphones only block some of the sounds. 

There are a lot of chances that the game won’t be fair because your opponents can hear what you and your teammate talk about. Commentators’ words can sometimes give competitors hints, so try to avoid them.

Best Gaming Headphones

You should now know why pro gamers wear earbuds and headphones, so pick yours carefully and make sure they meet your needs. Here are a few of the best headphones for gamers.

Steelseries Arctis 7p Wireless Headphones

If you need to buy headphones for gaming and online streaming, this should be your top priority. Because it has a clear cast mic that works in both directions, it will record your voice without any background noise.

It also has a long battery life; you can use it for 24 hours straight. Its structure is closed, so the voices stay inside. But you can’t connect it to other devices through Bluetooth, so it needs a USB type C port to connect to other devices.

HyperX Cloud II Wireless Headphones

You can use them even without earbuds. They are the best ones for gaming. They have a noise-canceling microphone, which blocks background noise and sends your clear voice to other gamers.

It also has a closed-back so that no sound will leak out, and you can listen to clear, loud music without worrying about your privacy. Also, it blocks out all the sounds around it. Its frame is made of strong aluminum, and the pads are made of foam, so it is light and comfortable.

Best Pro Gaming Earbuds

These are the best gaming earbuds because they meet all the needs of gamers. Let’s hear a quick summary,

Razor Hammerhead True Wireless

They are very comfortable because the stem is thin and the tip is angled. The sound is loud and has a deep bass. In other words, it sounds as good as the very expensive Apple AirPods. Also, the mic is worth praising because it makes it easy to talk to teammates and gets the voice through clearly and on time.

They can’t block out noise, so you have to wear noise-canceling headphones when you’re in a noisy place. They can connect to a wide range of devices, but their battery life is only 4 hours, so you need to carry a power bank.

EPOS GTW 270 Hybrid Earbuds

They are small, simple, and comfortable, making it easy to wear them under headphones. They make a good sound with deep bass and full mid-tones. They also have 20-hour battery life and a built-in microphone that only works when connected to other devices via Bluetooth. The best part is that their prices are fair.

Final Words

Use earbuds and headphones to block out outside noises, keep important information from getting out, improve concentration and communication, and block out outside noises.

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